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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Can Raise Your Self Esteem

 By John Shackleton


All our past experiences in life, successes and failures, embarrassments and victories are stored in our memory banks. This includes all our past interactions with people, those who help us and those harm us. Our memory banks also contain the standards that society places upon us and the media's perceptions of the world. These past experiences give a sense of who we are, how right or wrong we are, how good or bad we are, what position we take on the list and we use each new experience to strengthen what we know about who we think we are.
By the age of 30 you've had hours of this external conditioning and studies suggest more than 70% of this conditioning is negative. All this has created what you currently believe you are capable of, and we can never exceed the level of our self image. Our future self image can be changed by altering our current conditioning. It's not a quick simple job but with constant effort we can change what we believe about ourselves. Have a look at the questions below and see if you can find some areas that you can change.
Who do you see regularly that doesn't support you or runs you down? Who are the people who damage your self esteem the most? Can you limit your exposure to them?
What TV programmes send messages about life that are less than positive? What could you do with the time that you waste watching these programmes?
Do you have a support group you meet with regularly that builds you up and supports you despite your setbacks? If not, can you form one?
What do you say to yourself when you don't achieve your goals, meet your deadlines or produce a poor result? Are you critical or even abusive towards yourself? What could you say instead to build your self esteem?
How do you treat yourself when you succeed, what language do you use to raise (or lower) your self esteem? Give yourself a daily positive uplifting pep talk to make yourself feel great.
John Shackleton is an inspirational keynote speaker specializing in the optimization of performance and the use of motivational tools in everyday business life. For further information, and to see John speak, check out his website,

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