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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Increase Your Self-Confidence - 10 Simple Confidence Boosters

 By Carolyn Anderso


Self-confidence is one of the things that you would surely need to be able to accomplish your tasks, tackle challenges, face risks and achieve your goals and dreams. Of course, you need to believe in yourself so you can reach what you plan to do in life. Although it is not all about self-confidence, it however plays a huge role in attaining success.
If you are looking for simple ways on how to increase your self-confidence, here are a few that you might find useful.
1. Have a good hairstyle or haircut.As simple as getting a new look can be a good confidence booster especially if you feel really good about it. So why not go to your favorite salon and get yourself a makeover.
2. Practice good grooming. Of course, if you feel clean and presentable, you will also be more confident about being with other people. Always make sure you are free from body odors and you feel clean inside out.
3. Dress appropriately and presentably. Aside from carrying yourself well in pubic, an appropriate dress or attire will also help you boost that self-confidence as well.
4. Think positive thoughts. One of the most powerful ways on how to increase your self-confidence is to practice thinking positively. Indeed, the many negative thoughts that we have are the ones that topple our self-confidence and you can defeat that by switching your thoughts into positive ones. This may not be easy to do but there are techniques that can help you practice this.
5. Act positively. Aside from having positive thoughts, you also need to put that into positive actions. Doing good to your fellows as well as being a positive influence to others can leave you feeling great and confident as well.
6. Know yourself. To help you boost that confidence within you, you also have to know yourself well and know your worth. If you know well what you can do, of course, you will always have that courage and confidence to tackle every difficult task and trials that come your way.
7. Develop your competence and never stop learning. If you want to achieve goals and be confident in attaining them, you have to also develop your competence more and learn new things. This will help you believe in yourself that you can actually attain what you want in life.
8. Prepare. One of the easy ways on how to increase your self-confidence is to always prepare yourself. Of course, if you are well-prepared, you will always be ready to face any challenges and trials that may come your way and will boost your confidence as well in facing them.
9. Be with confident and positive people. Being around these people can truly help you a lot in developing the same attitude as they have. Of course, being positive is contagious and the more you go with positive people, the more you also develop positive attitude and more confidence as well.
10. Practice positive self-affirmation and condition your mind to be confident. Sometimes the lack of self-confidence is just in your mind thus, help yourself by practicing some techniques such as positive affirmation that can help you reprogram your thoughts.
Carolyn Anderson loves to share resources that you can use to help you attain more success. To help you expand your comfort zone and build your confidence more, check out Unstoppable Confidence. Also check out Fabulous Self Esteem, a guide that can help you develop your self-esteem and transforming yourself into a more confident person.

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