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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Most Important Words in Life

by Moon


 1. The most cherished word: "I love you."
When you hear the word, you have gained another man's love. Is there something sweeter, more intoxicated and happier than be loved in the world? When you say the word loudly, you've found the ideal partner. In the bustling crowd, one day you find someone is shining at the moment, "It is she (he)!" With love, we no longer feel lonely. With love, we no longer have confusion. With love, we no longer need to drift. With love, we don"��t live easily as usual because love is not only a kind of choice, a kind of enjoyment, but also motivation and responsibility.

2. The most comforting word: "I'll come."
Everyone is in need of help sometime. After a week of exhausting work, when you wanted to enjoy a relaxing weekend, suddenly you found the broken pipe. You called the plumber, and he said, "I will come", you would feel greatly at ease. When you were driving on a busy road, your car suddenly broke, and so many sirens were ringing. When you called a friend, he said, "I will come", you would feel good like a stone fell.

3. The word most to improve confidence: "I believe you."
An outstanding teacher told me that one of her tricks to teach students is often to have a heart-to-heart talk with students one by one, say to both the good and bad students: "I believe you." Therefore, students she taught are almost full of confidence. This reminds me of a famous word: "If you believe something feasible, then it is possible to move mountain and fill seas; if you think something impossible, then it is not easy for you to fold the branch."�� Not only the students but also adults are the same. When one encounters difficulties, faults or wavering, if his leadership or his friends said: "I believe you", "I think you can", so he will soon get courage.

4 .The word to get rid of gossips: "Go your own way, and let others say!"
My father once said to me: "If you want something, you would have to pay something others cannot pay. If others rest, you rest; others work, and you also work; you live a life like others, then you just get what others get." Actually, the winners in the life always watch further than others, think deeper than others, and do more than others. But there are also others"�� gossips accompanied with you. Whenever I hear the different words, I will behave myself and make the firm determination "��Let people say!" Lu Xun said: "The support from those who ever sneered always comes after the success of reformation."

5. The word most difficult to say but most can resolve the contradictions: "Maybe you are right."
The word makes people feel something face-broken as if people are pushed to lay down their arms, and admit their mistake in an argument. In many cases, this word can make the burning anger out, make the roaring head cool down and wield the fist down, make the different opinions convergent. Not only it could avoid a lot of damage and loss, but can maintain overall stability and unity. This word is especially important in dealing with family dispute. When the couple are bickering for trivial, if one can first say this words, many contradictions would end. Actually, since you love each other, everything will be going to be all right. Say, "perhaps you're right," we don't lose something.

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