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Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Look at Problems

 By Kevin Pinga


In life, we are bound to encounter problems at home, in school or in the community. People have their own ways of looking at and solving their problems. Some may avoid thinking about them especially if the problems are trivial. On the other hand, there have been cases of people attempting suicide because of the seriousness of their problems. I shall share with you some ideas on how to look at problems and how to solve some problems effectively.
Firstly, we have to sit down and reflect upon the root cause of the problem. This can be done via reflection on paper. You may realize that the root cause of the problem could have taken place some time ago. This root cause has triggered the sub problems you are facing now. For example, a family problem could be the root cause for a child's misbehavior in class such as disturbing friends, playing truant, stealing money and so forth. If we were to solve the student's class problems we will not be addressing the real issue which may persist for a long time.
Secondly, we have to discuss the problem with people whom we trust. No man is an island. Similarly, when we talk to our confidantes and share our views we know that we are not alone in solving whatever problems we may have. Sometimes, we may find it difficult discussing issue with your parents. This is where the school counselors come in. as they are trained and sworn to secrecy, you can count on them for positive and practical advice and help. Through personal experience, I have walked out of my school counselor's room feeling lighter and more positive.
Thirdly, we have to train ourselves to be mentally strong. This simply means we have to look at the positive side of things. Every cloud has a silver lining. Similarly, we have to view a problem as a learning process and not as a stumbling block. History has shown us great characters like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are revered until today for what they made out their problems to achieve their country's dreams. The point is to never give up and to think of our failures as a guide to success.
In conclusion, there are many ways to look at to and to solve a problem. Problems are here to stay and the important things are to select a method that works effectively for you to solve any of your problems.
Kevin is young writer and he writes a lot on health and teenager problems. He also has a passion for music. Check out his newest website on acoustic bass guitars and memory foam mattress toppers.

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