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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boost Your Skills With a Few Quick Tips To Increase Your Memory

 By Timothy C. Collins


Of all the faculties of the human mind, that of memory is the first that suffers decay from age. Memory declines with age, but we all want to remember where we placed our keys well into our golden years. Having a weak memory leads to a terrible feeling of helplessness, whether in a student, an executive or a senior citizen.
Our brain is, after all, our greatest natural resource. Just as we need to feed the body and exercise it for it to reach its true potential, so too do we need to increase our memory so that it serves us well. Good mental fitness can improve our memory, creativity, thinking skill, imagination, awareness, and analytical skills. As your mental power develops, the inter connectivity of your brain cells improves. It won't take a long time to see the progress of your mental performance, so it's worth investing in developing your mind power.
Tell yourself to remember. When you first learn a person's name, for example, tell yourself, "remember that". This signals your unconscious mind to rank this input higher in importance.
Know why you want to remember something. For example, to remember a person, think about how that person will be important to you in the future. If you want to remember fact about something, think about how you'll will need them someday.
Visualize the future. Imagine where you'll see a person next, and anything you notice about them. Use this with the last technique. The additional associations will set the memory more firmly in your brain.
Retrace your steps. When you forget something, like where you put your keys, you probably retrace your steps. This works, but try it in your mind, as if you were watching yourself from a distance. This can help keep you from blanking out parts of your route, as you did when you first set the keys down.
Imagination is a good tool to help increase your memory. Imagination should involve various senses, not just visualization alone. You train yourself to create mental reality with vivid picture, realistic sound, touch, taste, and smell.
Another technique is breaking down information. Our brain can remember information better with certain kind of stimulation. It remembers emotional stories much better than scientific facts and boring statistics.
Most of the time, we don't forget something, we just fail to recall it. We usually let our subconscious mind do all the learning work. We need to get our conscious mind to exercise a bit by increasing our awareness. We can increase our awareness of daily activities through retrospection. This awareness-increasing exercise trains you to recall things well. As we improve, we can go further on until we can recall events in many days.
Finally, the last trick to increase your memory and enhance recalling ability is to have a habit of repeating what we have learned. Try to mentally summarize some information that you have just read. By doing so, you screen through the reading material 3 times. You can recall repeated information better than things that you read only once.
You can increase our memory power reading aloud, writing on a paper repeatedly, and then reading it loud in your mind. Watch once impossible tasks become easier and your self-confidence grow with your enhanced memory.
If you are looking for ways to Increase Memory, then spare a few minutes and read about these two highly effective mental training programs.

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