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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Depression and Social Networks

 By Karina Knight


Depression is a very dangerous disease. It is psychological disease that can destroy your life. People who suffer from this illness can lose the life meaning. They are always very passive. Nothing is interesting for them. They do not like to communicate with anybody. Such kind people spend a lot of time in front of TV set and do not like to leave home. Depression can cause insomnia. If nobody helps depressed people, long period depression can lead to suicide. Therefore, people whose friends suffer from this illness should do their best in order to help depressed people to get over this disease.
Thanks to my observations, I have made conclusion that social networks attract depressed people because it allows them do not leave their homes and at the same time to communicate with people. Social network is virtual reality that creates perception that you have many friends. The network helps forget to you that you are not alone. However, it does not treat your psychological health. Moreover, from my point of view, it exaggerates situation.
I recommend people do not spend in social networks much time. Try to have meeting with real people. It is more interesting and useful.
Communication in the networks is very predictable. People use standard phrases, such as "Hi!", "How are you?", "What are you doing?", "Cool photo" and a lot of "smile". Oh! I think in near future these words will lose their real meaning.
For example, one of my friends has a personal page in Facebook. He has almost 500 "friends". He communicates with them every day via Internet. As a result, he spends all his evening at home. Moreover, his "friends" also do not want to go somewhere. If I try to offer him to go to cinema, he always refuses because he prefers to sit at home and communicate with world via social networks.
I add more information about depression and how to overcome it on my blog

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