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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Overcoming Panic Attacks the right way

 By: George Williams


Panic disorders are the result of the increasing number of troubles and tensions in every day life. Each one of us is susceptible to experiencing panic and common anxiety attacks at some point or another in time. Nearly five percent of the population around the world has already come under its toll. Still, there is a great hope to cure panic attacks as there are some clear-cut ways to aid the recovery process. Let us take a glance over the issue of panic disorder and methods to cure panic attacks.

Panic disorder is looked at as something that all of a sudden causes mental and physical discomfort, fear, worry, irritability, and at times stomach problems, too, which can lead to nausea. Your body is subjected to a chemical imbalance which might influence you to get into an unnecessary scuffle with someone. Your brain starts sending signals that tell you that something is off and your heart rate increases. Anxiety disorder usually lasts anywhere from fifteen seconds to thirty minutes, causing a dreadful experience to the victim. Panic attacks are often related with the sense of apprehension and the person victimized by it experiences himself as being caught in a very frightening condition.

Panic disorder is not a mental sickness inspite of what many people term it as. Nor is it a strange disease that can be fatal. Usually, when someone suffers panic attacks, people around are apprehensive of any kind of physical injury to the person because of the extreme stress inflicted on their mind. One thing here is certain that an attack will never injure you, physically as well as psychologically. This is a myth, which, if you have it in your mind, needs to be done away with in order to allow the healing process become faster and smoother.

In the phase of a panic attack you might experience your heart palpitate fast and excessively. However, this is just a consequence of your mind being subjected to extreme anxiety. These severe anxiety symptoms are often experienced by many agoraphobia sufferers. When you feel and experience weakness and fear that you will faint, relax; it is simply caused by hyperventilation.

There are clear-cut ways of overcoming panic attacks. You can stop panic attacks successfully by controlling your subconscious mind. You need to be able to control and relax your mind and thoughts when you feel like a panic attack is imminent. You can treat panic attacks effectively by conditioning yourself to smash the fear of having a panic attack. There is a way to cure anxiety. Panic attacks can be controlled efficiently, by bringing the panic disorder symptoms under control. Finding the reason for your anxiety and the proper use of some techniques that help relieve the anxiety, such as deep breathing exercises, changes in lifestyle, etc. will cure panic attacks forever.

George Williams is the author of this article on Cure Panic Attacks. Find more information about Panic Disorder Symptoms here.
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