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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mental Effects Of Stress

by Andrew John


 Effects of stress are not limited to our bodies. Perhaps our minds suffer even more as they change themselves from solution finders into sources of stressful thoughts. Yes, one of common causes of stress is the so-called mental stress coming from lack of ability to focus, short concentration period and feeling of weakness and lack of will to do anything.

Stress is going to reduce your ability to logical thinking, but increase the strength of your emotional responses in return. This means that you are bound to react impulsively even in those situations that call for something different. It will be impossible to stay cool and panic attacks, anxiety and anger are going to become a part of your life, greatly impeding your activities both at work and at home.

After some time, mental stress can affect you body, too. The first symptoms are easy to neglect, but tightened muscles are only the sign that other problems are close by.

If you start feeling weak and weary due to your stress-induced physical problems, this sooner or later will affect your social role and functions. You will become much worse employee as even the simplest tasks will prove to be beyond your abilities. You will start to shout or cry for little or no reason, keeping your family on tips of their toes. And such situation will only aggravate your initial mental stress problems. If such vicious circle has been started, you have to look for help and break it as soon as possible - the worst is still ahead of you.

Most people think that the major effects of stress are just what was described above - some digestive system problems, tightened muscles, emotional reactions and weariness. They fail to see that these are only the beginnings of much more serious and potentially fatal conditions: heart diseases, severe depressions, obesity problems and even suicide attempts. Stress is not some mild disease that comes and goes all by itself. If you don't do anything about it, stress will consume you piece by piece until there is nothing left of you.

There is one thing you have to remember when you fight with your stress: you can't do it alone. External help and support is necessary for anyone to cope with their problems. All so-called "strong people" that can go through anything unscarred know that lesson well and rely on others instead of taking more problems on themselves than they could handle. Do as they do: find some help, rely on others and use a hand when it is given. This way you may end your stress-induced problems in no time - permanently!

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