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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Sharpen Your Mind and Improve Your Memory

 By Charles Ratliff


Do you know the secret of having a sharp mind? Everyone wants to have a sharper mind and long-term memory especially since competition at work is very high. Even at home, we want to be able to recall all important tasks or details which can be helpful for us to do our day-to-day tasks the right way. Our mind is just like any other parts of our body that needs special attention. There are necessary vitamins and nutrients needed for better brain function.
Below is the list of vitamins that can help sharpen your mind and improve your memory:
B Vitamins
Studies show that B Vitamins serve as memory enhancers, protecting brain neurons from harmful bacteria by creating protective shields. There are 4 B Vitamins that are very important for the brain.
a.) Vitamin B1 or so-called Thiamine helps to process the fuel of the brain which is the glucose. B1 can be seen in soybeans, whole-wheat bread, sunflower seeds and green peas. Deficiency of Thiamine may results to poor memory, irritation and fatigue. The worst things that could happen to a person who lacks Vitamin B1 are memory loss and eye problems. Persons who are prone to Vitamin B1 shortage are people who actually love alcoholic drinks.
b.) Vitamin B3 or Niacin is a very important nutrient for our brain since it reduces the production of blood cholesterol while increasing the blood flow through our brain and for those who is health conscious it actually helps to have lower blood pressure. Vitamin B3 can actually be found in peanuts, beans, milk, tuna, tofu and calf's liver. Vitamin B3 deficiency may cause many health problems, like diarrhea, dermatitis or even dementia which is a brain disorder.
c.) Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine is present in fish, soybeans, sunflower seed and spinach. It helps in producing neurotransmitters also known as the brain messengers. Lack of this type of Vitamin B may cause depression and mental confusion.
d.) Vitamin B12 also known as Cobalamin is a vitamin necessary for older people for it helps with the production of red blood cells which is important for the brain. It is also called the vitamin for the aging brain. Some good sources of this vitamin are oysters, roast beef, sardines and beef liver. Shortage of this vitamin may cause depression, anemia and irritability.
a.) Vitamin C or known to all of us as Ascorbic acid is also known as an antioxidant in the medical community. It helps in the production of norepinephrine and in the regulation of neurotransmitter. Sources of Vitamin C are grapefruit, watermelon, papaya, cabbage and broccoli.
b.) Vitamin E also known as Tocopherol helps protect our blood vessels against damage from the process of oxidation thus making our blood vessels healthy. Foods that are considered to be rich in Vitamin E are asparagus, sweet potato, walnuts, almond and sunflower seeds.
c.) Vitamin C and E serves as antioxidants in our body which removes toxins in our body especially in our brain that might be harmful to us.
Omega 3 Fatty acids
It is commonly found in specific fishes like tuna, mackerel etc. Studies show that frequent intake of foods rich in Omega 3 helps improve a person's memory.
So, you should now start eating the right kinds of foods to help sharpen your mind and improve your memory.
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