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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Put Aside These Excuses and Have a Simpler Life

by Stella


 Have you ever try to make some excuses while you fail in doing something? Or have you ever try to pass the buck and make yourself feel better? But the stupid excuses can be harmful, which will lead to some bad results. For example, you can"��t compass the assigned task.

So, stop using the stupid excuses.

1.I would be more successful if my job weren"��t so boring.

It"��s not the fault of your boss, is it? It"��s your own choice. If you believe you can change things more effectively, then do not worry about their responsibilities and take action.

2.My boss make the wrong decision.
You may be right. But that"��s because your boss is the one who has the authority to make the final decision, which he think is right. You may feel sorry for that and want to persuade him to accept your advice. But remember that he"��s trying to get his own money or reputation to take great risks. If you want to change something, you can be self-employed. No one can stop you if you make up your mind.

3.I"��m way too busy. All my family will understand.
When you are away from your family day, you may think they can understand you. But is that so? Your family doesn"��t only need your money. Think about it. Do you really think that your little boy will be happy because you cannot watch his football training or counsel his homework? How will you feel if you were he?

4.My team is holding me back.
I"��m sorry for that. But if you are the best one, and others has to improve themselves to catch up with you. Then why not make some changes? For example, you can help others to do things better, and make them learn from it. Why do you think blaming everyone in your team without doing anything is a good idea?

5.I don"��t have time to stay in shape.
Right. You are busy. You keep running around in circles every day. But do you think you have any time to stay in hospital? Of course not, is it? Then I suggest you to take a few minutes to take some physical activities. You can donate some time to some exercises every day for a better life in the future.

6.Cigarettes are bad for me, but I have a stressful life.
So, does smoking relief your stress immediately? Using the cigarettes to relief stress is just a silly excuse. You can give up smoking if you want. So do the stressful way of life.

7.Taking risks would have been foolish.
Well. I remember that someone has said that being safe is the biggest risk you can take. Why? That"��s because you have to be in safe. Imagine that, if you are serious about achieving success, you have to do some risk estimation from time to time. You have to avoid some stupid risks, but in the end, you have to predict all the risks that you have to bear at some point in your life. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is a way of improving.

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