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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Risk Factors Of Depression

 by markwalters


The mood disorder known as depression is considered to be among the most prevalent psychiatric conditions in the modern world. Estimates on how many people have one form or another of it vary, but they reflect a substantial portion of the population. As such, it would be prudent for the average person to be made aware of what are the possible risk factors that could make someone more likely to become depressed than others.

At any given time, an estimated 5 to 9% of all women have depression, which is more than double the estimated number of men with the condition. Studies have found that nearly half of all the women who had depression at one point had sought out treatment for the disorder. It has been noted by statistics that women are more prone to having multiple types of depression over the course of their lives, as opposed to men who generally experience only one type.

Depression, while less frequent than in women, is not rare in men. Prepubescent and early adolescent boys have been found to be at higher risk than girls at the same age range. Older men have also been noted to be at higher risk of suicidal behavior due to depression, and are also at risk of the physical complications of the disorder. Evidence also suggested that men are less likely to seek help and attempt to mask or overcome their depression by turning to things such as alcohol, or other substances to be abused. It has been theorized that this behavior is the cause of the lower recorded instance of depression in men.

Age can also be a risk factor for depression. The age range 12 to 16 is often cited as being at a higher risk for depression than others, with studies suggesting that 3 to 5% of all children have the problem. Depression in puberty has been found more likely in boys, while it is a higher risk for girls after puberty. Adults are at risk once past the age of 30, and most adults with the condition do not seek out treatment until they have reached the age of 33 or higher. It is also reportedly becoming more and more common among the middle-aged.

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