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Friday, November 5, 2010

Having An Awesome Desire For Your Business

by angerewi


If you set out to do something you need to believe within yourself that you can achieve it and you need to do this with all of your heart. Life has challenges and always will, but if you want something really bad then you need to take a chance and do what you are made of.

Sometimes in life we get ourselves stuck in a rut and in our mind it seems so much easier just to leave things the way they are. Change is uncomfortable, however if you let your mind form a new habit of having cheerful, happy, conversations. Put a smile on your face and visualize happy pictures within your mind and see how easy it is to form a new habit. Things can change. Old habits die hard and they do die. That's the right spirit in life.

We have all heard the saying "step out of your comfort zone" well this is the time you need to take this saying seriously and do it with your own life. How much desire do you have inside yourself to achieve those goals? Now is the time you need to pull on that desire and push yourself.

It doesn't matter how much you feel this is farfetched the discomfort you feel will dissolve over time. It will soon be replaced with energy and enthusiasm.

Take a good look around your life what do you want to change and what are the reasons why you want to change it? How bad do you want to change it?

Somewhere inside you, you will have excuses for not changing and why you are unable to achieve these changes. Well now is the time to get the excuses out of the way and to overcome them. The worst thing you can do is start and then quit then start again only to give up altogether.

Make up your mind to change and stick to it. Have the desire to make a difference in your life. It is only when desire is strong that it is effective.
Limitations are the hardest thing to overcome especially if you have spent your whole life telling yourself them or if someone else has drummed them into you. Thoughts & beliefs come from your mind they are what your conscious and sub-conscious are thinking, believe in.

Self-limiting thoughts are negative thoughts which we have to learn to put out of our mind. The more you pay attention to them the more fuel you pour on the fire, which then in turns causes them to burn longer. So we need to eliminate them before they start.

Everything begins with a thought so start it with a happy one and begin a life of happiness. Sometimes it's a lifelong battle, but one that you can win each time and always remember one that's worth it.

Take the risk direct your focus and sustain your actions with your expectations. Have positive expectations and let them be the driving, directing force behind your actions. Expectations without actions amount to little more than empty wishes. Actions without specific positive expectations will fail to achieve the desired result.

So go out there and expect the best from yourself and have faith in your decisions and the decisions of others. You can do what it takes to succeed if you just do what it takes to actually achieve the best.

Be committed to yourself, your desire and your dreams.
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