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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tired of Being Average? How about Becoming a Super Genius?



Throughout the past 20 years Tony McKenzie studied and practiced virtually every single accelerated learning method available, ranging from techniques such as speed reading and mind mapping to photo reading and mnemonics. Although he found a lot of these techniques valuable in helping him to learn at a much faster rate they always seemed to fall short of what he actually wanted.

What fascinated Tony McKenzie was the information in studies that have shown that individuals regressed through the use of hypnosis find they can recollect the sights, sounds, smells and tastes locked within memories that are decades old.

Professor Wilder Penfield, a Canadian surgeon, made an interesting discovery while performing a medical procedure on several of his epileptic patients; it involved examining the brain tissue of his patients while they were under a local anesthetic. He was astonished to discover that when he touched certain individual cells, his patients would unexpectedly remember experiences from their past.

More importantly, though, is that the patients would later say they didn't just remember the experience but relived it as if they were actually there, complete with tastes, smells, noises, colors and feelings. The clarity of the memories was the same regardless of whether they were a few hours or many years old.

Professor Penfield suggests that within the individual cells of the brain are the perfect memory of every event in our lives, and if we can find the right stimulus we can experience each one all over again. So in a moment of inspiration Tony McKenzie posed a simple question. Can the mind's capacity to remember large amounts of information be stimulated and produce instant speed learning? He then created a revolutionary auto-conditioning subliminal program that literally rewires the mind to accept a new reality as the absolute truth!

It actually required nothing more than a simple hand gesture and you could begin learning at genius levels of understanding with exceptionally clear recall of the material after only being exposed to it once.

Imagine how it must have felt to find out that you could easily multiply your learning ability by 1000 times and have exceptionally powerful recall of anything you read or listened to within the next 72 hours...without learning a complex memory system!

This system is so simple to learn that even a child can use it and begin applying it to school work almost immediately. All It Takes Is Three Minutes a Day for Three Days and You're Done!

Picture what you could do with this knowledge. You see that a great memory will get you more money. Being able to easily remember facts, ideas and concepts can give you a tremendous edge in business. Just picture the remarkable impression you can make when you can quote specific facts, prices, client information, product details . . . with ease!

In the continually shifting business world, being able to adapt, change and learn new skills is an essential skill that cannot be ignored. Having a powerful memory is the key factor to being able to stay ahead in the continual battle for sales, clients and market position.

The most important part of learning about Tony McKenzie's discovery is that it only takes 72 hours to see results. He discovered that clients who used his system did not have to practice until the cows came home in order to see results. The results began happening right away. They could train their minds to respond to a specific physical signal and that would allow them to rapidly absorb new information like a sponge immediately improving their overall performance.

A fantastic memory gets you better grades! You'll focus better and learn more while taking fewer notes, have better retention of lectures, books and study guides and experience a dramatic improvement in your test scores and exam results.

Imagine how this can help a college student. Imagine how easy it would be to learn a new language. In fact, Tony McKenzie discovered that it takes an average of approximately 30 days to learn a language.

The world always seems to progress over time; learning techniques along with memory improvements are a part of an empowering future. The question is, are you going to be a part of that empowering future too?

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