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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What It Takes To Be Successful

 by lavena


Do you know of anyone who does not wish to be successful? I do not. In fact, we “wish” to succeed in everything we do: we wish to do well in our academic, we wish to land in our dream job, we wish to earn a million dollars, and we also wish to find a perfect life partner.

Did your wish come true?

Does wishing land you with anything? Or perhaps, you are hoping that a miracle would happen. What would it be like if you woke up one morning and your life had become exactly what you wanted it to be?

Whatever you strongly want to achieve, you need more than a wish or miracle: it is your burning desire. You need to have, first of all, a dominant desire to be successful. Be it to earn your first million or a job promotion, your desire to achieve that goal must be resolute and persistent. Re-establish your desire everyday with a written plan and read it twice daily. Allow this regular habit to permeate your mind, both consciously and subconsciously, and allow you to feel your goal at your grip.

Thomas Edison did not give up his utmost desire to create a lamp operated by electricity, even after he has failed more than 10,000 times. At the beginning of any task, more than anything else, your attitude will affect its successful outcome. Positive attitude is the foundation for everything and Edison has it.

It is actually your thoughts behind the words you speak that create your attitude. Positive attitude has nothing to do with what happens to you: It is the way you respond to the situation, not the situation itself. Edison is a winner—with positive attitude—who never quits; likewise a quitter will never win.

You are full of positive thoughts at the world’s final game of tennis and you have a burning desire to win the world’s number one player whom you are playing against.

You lost.

With all the preparations and positive outlook of winning from the coach, you still lose. Deep down somewhere in your heart and mind, you are aware that you are facing the world champion: You have no faith in winning.

Lack of faith is a negative emotion that is capable of conquering your subconscious mind. Though your conscious mind demands to win, the subconscious mind is wavering with lack of faith. With a perplex mind, how do you think you will fare?

Faith is the strongest and most productive of the emotions. Develop faith by convincing your subconscious mind that you are fully capable and confident of achieving whatever your mind believes in. Tell yourself that your world is what and how you make it out to be; educate your mind to develop faith and believe you can achieve that goal you always wanted.

Remember: Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. The one who wins is the one who thinks he can.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Jovit!
    Wish is a foundation for every achievement, but still - only a foundation. Yet people tend to sit on it for most of their lives wondering "Why it's so chilly in my life?"

    Some of them will have a desire and start to build a house on that, some of them will be persistent enough to make few walls, but with no faith in succeeding - they will not make a roof.

    After all, why would they? They won't be able to make it anyway, Right? >