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Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You An Anxious Person?

by cdmohatta


Anxiety and stress are very common in the modern world. I would say we are having a time when all of us are getting little unhappy. Fear, worry, anxiety, unease are all very common feelings in today's world.  How about you? Are you an anxious person? Do you get anxiety attacks?  Anxiety attacks are not very common, but many of us suffer from anxiety attacks. Are you an anxious person? Let us find out.

Why do we get anxiety attacks? The causes of such attacks are mainly rooted in our ancestry. Our ancestors were taught by nature to save themselves by running away from any danger if they could not fight it. We have inherited those genes. Though we do not face fierce animals in jungles, we face situations that make us equally scary and we want to runaway, but unlike our ancestors we cannot run away in social situations. That makes us anxious. Stress is a big factor in producing anxiety.

How much stress you face everyday. Is your stress level equal to what others are facing or more or less? You can do this by talking to few friends and co-workers. If you find that your work itself causes a high level of stress, you can always consider a job change. High stress over a period of years is not good. Please quiz yourself about this and find a way to reduce the stress you face.

How you fight stress is very important. Do you get scared of the stress or face it squarely and fight it off. Write down all kinds of stresses you are facing and your responses to them. Find out if your response is of good quality? Develop methods to fight the stress and bring changes in your response to stress. Evaluate yourself over a period and make changes if needed. Relax.

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