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Friday, September 24, 2010

Deeds and Not the Words Speak For Success

by Anirban


 A strong believer in performing rather than only preaching, Shamit Khemka is a living example of accomplishment. He is not only the CEO and Founder of SynapseIndia, but also the guiding star for its workers.

Hailing from the business clan of Indian society, Shamit dares to take up on challenges that other individuals of his age won"��t perhaps even think of. His passion for excellence and innovation in technology drove him away from his family business. The launch of Pharos Infotech in 1994 was the major catalyst of his entrepreneurial career. Pharos, based out in Kolkata, was the first ever to implement the Bulletin Board System with email services in India.

The success of Pharos instilled a new energy and enthusiasm in Shamit Khemka who then stormed the Indian realty market with a ground-breaking concept under the dotcom named as - his second venture launched in 1998. won applauds from the real estate investors throughout the country for its innovative online real estate database and directory.

Foreseeing the upcoming boom in outsourcing business, Shamit decided to enter in this industry by setting up his third venture SynapseIndia. Interestingly, the company was launched at a moderate investment and a meager workforce which has crossed 250 employees at present. Within just nine years it has become a prominent name in the offshoring business by efficiently catering to the business centric technical and non-technical needs of its overseas clients.

The consistency and quality of services helped SynapseIndia win CMMI level-3 accreditation and Microsoft Gold partnership besides NASSCOM and FICCI certification. Growing day by day, the company is able to register 100% year on year growth. The main reason behind this growth is the dedication of its employees "�" an attribute which they have acquired from their head "�" Shamit Khemka.

Inspired by the level of enthusiasm and dedication Shamit shows towards his work and goals, his employees also feel motivated to take initiatives for the wholesome growth of the organization. Deeds always speak for the person instead of words; so, is the case with Shamit and his workers who believe in performing better than just speaking better words.

About the Author:
Author Bio:I am a webmaster of i.e. Synapse India Pvt. Ltd.,an IT outsourcing company founded by Mr. Shamit Khemka.

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