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Monday, September 20, 2010

Attention - Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

by: Tim


Are you one of the many people who have tried positive thinking approaches in your life and then found them to have not worked for you? Have you ever sought an inner boost through positive thinking and found it has never fulfilled it’s promises? If you are one of those people then it may be because you were not aware of the one key ingredient that can turn positive thinking into your most powerful tool in getting what you want in life.

This hidden ingredient is like the missing link, the spark that ignites the fire of success or the trigger for your incredible run of achievements. This secret can bring you the next promotion at work faster, unexpected money, new romantic relationships, more friends, increased pay, improved health or indeed anything else of your choosing. Ok, so yes I have hyped this secret ingredient up...but there is a very good reason for it. The reason is because it is what will transform your positive thoughts into a positive reality. So, what is this secret ingredient.

Well first you’ll need to understand the background to this almost magic like ingredient or it will not make sense. It’s success is based on the fact that we live in a vibrational universe. Every atom is vibrating at some level and that includes the cells in your body right through to the atoms in the car that you drive, everything is made up of what is basically vibrating atoms which when broken down even further is really just energy. Vibrating energy is drawn to similar things of the same vibration, this is natures way of making life run effortlessly and smoothly.

Remember then that everything has a vibration and that includes your thoughts. This means positive thoughts must attract things of the same vibrational frequency i.e. positive things. However although thoughts alone can be powerful, when they are backed with feeling and emotion they can become an enormously more powerful magnet drawing in those things of the same vibration much more quickly. That is the secret ingredient so often overlooked. When thoughts are backed with powerful emotions they can become an irresistible force drawing the actual physical things like money and relationships into your life. This means that if you are trying to attain wealth then you must first induce positive thoughts around this subject. You might choose to do this through affirmations.

However when repeating your affirmation you must find a way of charging it with emotion and feeling. Focus on the emotion of the situation and this will bring results much faster. One easy way to do this is to use creative visualisation. This basically means to play an image in your mind over and over again of you actually in the position you want to be in. This could be you celebrating your promotion at work, receiving cheques through the post, scoring goals for your team or whatever else it is you want but the key is to really see yourself achieving those goals and imagining how it actually feels to be doing that thing.

Once you have generated that thought and feeling you need to hold on to it for as long as you can. This is the vibration that you need to release in to the universe to attract back those very events and things that you have imagined.... and it will. The reason that it has to is because it is law, just as in physics gravity is a law then so is this vibrational phenomenon also a law.

In fact it is more commonly known as the ’law of attraction’. I would urge you to go ahead and start charging your positive thoughts with these positive emotions and really start to attain the life you want. You are using this law every moment of your life anyway so wouldn’t now be a good time to start using it to your advantage? That is what all the great leaders and scientists of yester year and today have done, so don’t you think you should be doing so as well? Wouldn’t now be a good time to start using positive thinking and these simple laws to your advantage and to not work against them.

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