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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Stole Your Brain? An Introduction to Mind Thieves

 by Futhark


 Mind Thieves

Something happened while you were least expecting it.  It probably happens to everyone when they enter times of stress, indecision, hardship, or lack of self-esteem unless they have spent their lives building castle walls to protect themselves.  What happens is that you become more vulnerable to mind-thieves. Whoever says they can do anything to help you get out of your current state ultimately plays a larger role in your life than you ever expected and becomes somewhat of a seducer / seductrice.  Either you bought a product that you look at and have no idea why yould bought it (oops, you bought a really expensive TV), or you get yourself into a situation that was decided as being in your "best interest" by someone else (blind date with someone who becomes a stalker - not cool).

Mind thieves get away with a lot in life.  They are so dangerous because most of the time they have no idea that they are really even stealing anything from your or have any bad intentions towards you.  If you would call them a "mind theif" they probably would look at you with puzzled eyes.  But their intentions are not good for you because they look at you from a position of weakness and not a position of power, so they feel they need to give you a little break, or help-out-the-wounded-dog.  You do not want to be influenced by these people and do not really want them in your life to begin with.

Why You Are Vulnerable
Say you are in high school and you are trying to pick out a major in college.  Extremely smart people academically who do not have an already developed purpose in life will be the prime targets for mind thieves. Guidance cousellors, parents, relatives, teachers, friends, and coworkers can all be mind thieves.  They will tell a smart student what life is really about, what majors are the best, what careers are the best and most secure and how stupid you would be to not listen to what they say.  Sound familiar?  This is mind thief territory and they want nothing else but to divert your beautiful life purpose, not intentionally, but because they never made anything with their lives and feel the need to live it vicariously through you.

I admit this may sound harsh, and how dare I attack well meaning people who just want to help others out.  But in all seriousness, people that have an outward directed sense of self-esteem - i.e. people who's self-esteem is based on tangible and finite realities such as job title, kind of car they are driving, or who they are friends with - are pure poison to the seeker of self-fulfillment, personal development, and true meaning and purpose in life and spirituality.  These people need to be cut out.  Let me add some more metaphors.  Eliminated.  Discriminated against.  Isolated.  Starved.  Let to contemplate their own evil alone or forever wonder why until they finally come to question their own ways.

People that have been recently let go from a job are also very vulnerable.  People will tell you things like "it's not fair" or "you are worth more than that anyways" or "you need to find something quick!  Put out your resume to xyz, I know someone."  All of these are mind thief statements.  Did they give you time to think and contemplate your situation?  No.  The reason is is that they live in fearful states and with fear being their dominant thought during the day, fear has nowhere to go but to spread outside of them to other people.  This is what the Law of Attraction is.  With fear being the dominant thought, people manifest fear throughout their lives until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of constantly being surrounded by things that make them afraid. Think alternatively of another kind of person.  A person that has genuine trust and faith in your abilities to succeed.  This person would tell you that making mistakes is natural and healthy and that you have a lot to learn from this situation.  This person would tell you that you are going to be alright, that you are already pre-programmed by millions of years of evolution to withstand the most brutal climates and situations.  This person would tell you that you are one step closer to achieving what you really want in life.  See the difference?

How To Build Your Defences
As I said before, brutal discrimination is the first step.  Once you have isolated yourself from influences that will rush to make decisions for your based on their own interests, feel free to take a little time to do some soul searching.  What do you really want?  What does you ideal life look life?  Do you even have any solid goals laid out?  If you find yourself without any definite major purpose for your life, you have a serious problem.  People without internal purposes will be prey for mind thieves for the rest of their lives because they will never know or feel what to do next.

Internal goals and resolve are the first step in building your defence against intruders.  For example, my internal direction that I have adopted is "My goal in life is to help others achieve theirs..."  This sets the course, much as setting the course due north or due south.  It is a direction.  With this in mind, I got more specific.  I have definite goals written about:

What I will give to the world in terms of products and services in exchange for the world letting me live by my own means.
The roles that I will play in people's lives, and how many people will be involved in these goals of mine.
How much money I will make by what definite date.
How many children I will have
The lifestyle my wife and I will enjoy
The more focused and detailed your goals are, the more they will bolster your major purpose in life (see above).

With all these goals and purposes set up, you have already gone a great distance setting yourself apart from what you don't want and with what you want.  A person who has a burning desire and convinces himself that he is capable of winning a marathon will not associate himself with people that think he is just a dreamer or that he has no chance in winning with so many other good runners out there.  No way will he listen to this crap because in his mind, he is already convinced and feels the emotions like he has won already.

People see you as they see themselves.  Simple as that.  If someone sees themselves as a winner and a highly capable person, they will point you in directions and actively show you that you are as well.  A mind thief is a negative personality, a vacuum needing to be filled - something like a psychic vampire needing to feed off the energy of others.  They see nothing but fear and hardships in life and will stop at nothing but to promote their deranged mindset to all people that are willing to listen.  With your castle walls already built, you can easily stand on the other side and focus on things that mean something to you.

Not to mention to added peace of mind, but getting yourself involved with mind thieves is also an enormous time waster.  These people have the ability to latch onto you and not let go until they see that they have in some way influenced your decisions or your future.  Time is ultimately saved by making your own mistakes and not letting people make mistakes vicariously through you.

Does all this mean I think people are bad?  I don't think people are bad at all, but I think most people out there don't keep check what they think and the influence they have on others, so natural bad habits and societal brainwashing / propoganda runs rampant and they are the first ones to shout it as the "new solution".

Take Action    
It is often said that a good offence is the best defense, and this is no different when it comes to playing the game with mind thieves.  Remaining active, waking up early, exercising, reading queitly, socializing only when you feel like it, eating healthy, taking new risks everyday and never being afraid of failure are all examples of actions that will block out mind thieves.  As mind thieves live in voids, in areas of non-movement or action, staying busy is the best defense.

Don't do things to prove others wrong.  Do things that you genuinely are interested in and can instill a burning desire and almost insane obsession into and then block out all the mind thieves that tell you otherwise.  Fighting against them will only make them win in a way.  An example of this would be someone who lives their entire lives trying to avenge someone or living their entire lives trying to be exactly the opposite of someone, say, a parental figure.  The person being fought against ultimately wins in some aspect.

So, in recap:

Be able to identify mind thieves.
Realize all the situations you might be vulnerable in.
Build your defenses by building a solid purpose in life.
Take action on your purpose like you never had one doubt it would ever fail.

About the Author:
My name is Mathieu, the guy behind Futhark Lifehack,
a personal development website that helps people all around the world find their Ideal Life.

What is yours?

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  1. This is my husband and Primerica! The problem is, it's hard to help someone who is being brainwashed when they ARE brainwashed and don't want help.