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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting What You Want

 by Elizabeth Wilson..


 Improving self image is a significant tool which you must work on if you want to obtain your goals in life. Whatever your plan is whether to get a high paying career or to buy something you have been longing for, you need to input your time and effort. Time and effort are important things you need to put in to be able to improve self image.In improving self image, there are some things which you need to consider developing first. These few things pertain to self confidence and reliability. Before you decide running for your goals, you need to make sure first that you are confident enough. You also need to be reliable in order to gain trust and respect from the people around especially those you need in realizing your plans.Building up Self ConfidenceIn order to develop self confidence, you need to come up with self esteem affirmations. These affirmations are things which can help you learn how to value yourself more than how you normally do. If you believe in yourself so much, you will not be scared to face whatever challenge life may offer you. Some of the effective affirmations which you should practice telling yourself every morning are:1. I am happy.2. I am successful with my life.3. I am always the best.4. I can do everything and reach my goals.5. I am lucky in life.6. I am proud of myself.By saying these self esteem affirmations to yourself every morning, you will slowly boost your self confidence. It may take time but if you are so dedicated and passionate about making yourself a better person, you will never notice the time at all. Self esteem affirmations may look simple but when practiced sincerely everyday create a great impact in the way you think and act.Developing ReliabilityA very important aspect of establishing a better self image is by developing reliability. Every individuals needs to be reliable to gain trust and respect from people. There are times when you need other people's help to make you successful with reaching your goal. These people must see you first as a reliable person before they trust you and help you with what you need.Reliability is a very effective tool that helps in improving self image. To establish reliability, you need to fulfill every promise that you made. If you have told someone that you are going to do something, you need to get it done as expected. Never promise someone with something that you are unsure to do. It is important that you need to feel sure about something first before you will promise it to someone.To help you become a reliable person, you need to do things with positive thinking. If you are optimistic enough to think that all things will go well, you will find it easy to perform and fulfill your promise. Doing things with positive thinking enables you to predict before you can say yes at something to do.If you want to accomplish your plans in life earlier, you need to be commit your time and effort and be willing enough to work on your reliability and self confidence. You need to create a positive environment where you always do things with positive thinking. When the time comes that you have developed a strong background of reliability and self confidence, you will definitely realize your plans earlier than you have expected.

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