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Monday, September 20, 2010

Four Major Elements to be Successful in Doing Anything

 by: Jim


Everybody wants success. But only a handful of people can reach that point in each area of life. For many, success seems to be very difficult to reach. Although, many people in the personal development field have established a few laws, theories or principles, there are still doubts if all modern principles work. It seems that all of them sound logical but they are difficult to be practiced in real life.

Do these principles work for only a certain type of people? While there is modern science of success, eastern world also have the principle of success too. In the eastern world, Lord Buddha taught his disciples more than 2,500 years ago on four major elements to be successful in doing anything. The principle is called " Ittibat 4". The four major elements include:

1. Having love on what you want to achieve. You have to really long for the result you want. You need to have affinity to what you aim for. You have to be passionate on what you are going to it. This is a must before you do anything. If not, the power will not be strong enough to move you forward. How to love on your goals? Select the right one. Select the one that is in line for both of your outer world needs and inner world values. If your goals match both, you will have affinity to them.

2. Attempts, persistency and patience This is a must for every success pattern. You need to stick to what you are doing long enough to bear result. Most people lose their patience only after a couple attempts. A lot of them have not even started their first trial. Persistency is definitely the key to achieve whatever you aim for.

 3. Concentrate and focus on the result and how to achieve it Be present on every moment you are doing what you have to do. Focus without deviation from your task. Pursue vigorously until you achieve your goals. This state of mind will prevent you from any negative emotion that might come up and request you to stop. It will tell you that nobody is succeeding and this is such a waste of time. If you have enough focus, your focus will have more power than those negative thoughts and negative feelings. As a result, you will perform better and smarter and have more fun.

4. Review and reevaluate. You need to evaluate your performance along the way. To see if you are in the right direction, compare your result with your goal at each period of time. If there is a tendency that the method does not work, we may have to change. It is also good for your motivation. If you achieve a certain range of yardstick, you can celebrate and feel good about your progress. Your self-esteem will go up when you do the right things toward your goal.

These four major elements have been proven for thousands of years for making people achieve anything they want. The elements include on how to work on your mind and your actions. You will be benefit from it if you are looking for ways to succeed.

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