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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do we manifest the things we fear the most?

by Mel Trudgett, Healing That Feeling


At the start of my career as an Energy Therapist, I had a client that contacted me in relation to Tapping Therapy, because he was having epileptic seizures. He'd had problems with epilepsy since being a young boy, but he was now 19 and had just moved to a different town and ws starting a whole new life studying and making new friends, it should have been a great time for him.

John told me that his seizures had gone from 'regular; about once or twice a week, mostly less' to 'often; almost every day'. He also told me that he could feel when he was about to get a seizure. This was good news for me as it was something to work with. He said that he was worried about how he was going to cope if his epilepsy started to get worst and he had regular seizures in a new town and away from all of his family and that is exactly what started to happen - he had more seizures. The more seizures he had, the more he worried about it. Then he had even more seizures until it started to happen every day.

As we were on completely different timezones (he lives in America) it wasn't convenient to do a live session by telephone, but he already knew the basics of how to Tap, so we worked through a detailed Tapping script for him and after some more advice given via email, he went away promising to work on it for the next few weeks.

I didn't hear back from him for over 2 months and I started to think that perhaps life had got in the way and he hadn't worked on the script, very common with self help techniques, so I contacted him via Facebook to follow up.

He didn't reply for a couple days but when he did get back to me his response stunned me, as is quite often the case with Tapping Therapy, he told me that not only had the script worked to ease his seizures, they had completely stopped them! He hadn't had a single seizure since using the script, and to this day he still hasn't. An amazing result, but it really got me thinking.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

When he was moving to college and worried about making friends, coping with the workload, being away from his family and not having much money, he was obviously under a lot of stress - much more than usual. He admitted this from the beginning of our consultation, but he still hadn't made the connection between his stress and the epilepsy.

This was real proof for me that we create what you THINK will happen. It's called the Law of Attraction. The more we think about negative things or that things are going to be bad, the more likely they are to happen that way. The good news

So the next time you think about the future, and more specifically YOUR FUTURE - make it a positive thought.

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Mel Trudgett is a self development coach and the owner of Healing That Feeling.

Her unique self development coaching programme has helped people from all over the world to easily overcome their stress, phobias, anger, depression, trauma, limiting beliefs and helped them to achieve their BIG goals.

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