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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stress Management For Teenagers

By: Sidney Sherman 


When a teenager begins to experience raised levels of stress it is often a good idea a to consult with a doctor as stress is often associated with physical maladies.

A typical first step towards helping a teen manage their stress is achieved through constant reassurance of love and support. Support is more than words. Actions like doing what they enjoy with you - some physical activity, redecorating their bedroom, watching sporting events, getting involved in a hobby, might be a release.

A lot is said about quality time, but quantities are essential. It's often when you're cleaning out the garage or taking a road trip that tidbits of information are released that clue us in to what our teen is dealing with.

Teens usually have difficulty with communication. Journaling can be an outstanding resource. As they look back over what they've written, they realize that the biggest problem a week ago isn't even a thought currently. As that happens several times, they learn to put their problems in the perspective that time changes everything - even the worst things.

A helpful strategy is list-making. Writing down the individual problems rather than lumping them all into one mass takes the power away from them. The monster is reduced to its individual parts and each part can be dealt with separately. Another list of the positive things in life is beneficial as well. At first there may be few, but as time goes on and negative things are dealt with, good things can take their place.

Aerobic exercise releases toxins and pent-up stress. Doing it with a friend or even a parent is refreshing. I remember roller-skating once with my boys, and we ended in a heap laughing till the tears came. And that brings up laughter. Sometimes a teen is taking their problems so seriously it's hard to find anything to laugh about. But there are some pretty funny movies out there. Find out what he likes and go to it with him (and try hard to laugh at the "corn".).

Anyone dealing with high levels of stress may be surprised to learn it's something all people deal with at various times of life. It ebbs and flows for everyone.

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