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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Best Investment You Can Make

by Pat Esposito


Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to make life be the best it can be.  We all have the power to choose where we spend our 24 hours.  The person who spends a good part of their day in a bar or in a park feeding the pigeons cannot expect to have the same degree of success as the person who is hard at work most of the day, and working on other accomplishments after work.  Just because someone works hard, it is not a guarantee of success.  Ask any factory worker or someone working in the field if they would describe themselves as successful.   Some people hope and dream to make it big by winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot at the casino.  It is nice to have hope, and it is nice to be lucky, but there is no substitute for what it really takes to be successful. 

Being successful does not necessarily mean having a lot of money.  Most people would consider Vincent Van Gogh as being successful.  He did become a very famous painter.  When he was alive though, great riches eluded him.   There have been many people who have achieved a high level of success and ended up bankrupt or broke at the end of their life.  What does all of this tell us?  What can we learn from others successes and misfortunes?  We can work our whole life and lose everything because of a bad investment or incorrect business decisions, or maybe medical bills wiping everything out. 

The best investment you can make is not in bricks and mortar.  It is not in some company that you may or may not have a certain amount of control in.  The best investment you can make is in yourself.  You have complete control over your own life.  Invest in your health.  Exercise, eat right, and keep a handle on stress.  Remember that Jesus is your lord and savior, and you are living this life to prepare for eternity.  Invest in your relationship with God.  Read your bible and pray daily.  Fill your mind with optimism for the future and a clear purpose for today. 

Ask yourself where you would like to be in one year from today.  What objectives would you wish to achieve?  What is your game plan to get there?  If you do not have a plan to back this ambition and desire, then your hope and objective is just a wish.  Live for today, work toward the future, and cherish the past.  If the past was not so great, then work for a better tomorrow.

Invest in yourself through prayer, exercise, sensible eating habits, proper rest and relaxation.  What current books are you reading?  How do they affect your outlook, thinking, and stress level?  What kind of food do you eat regularly?  You have the power to make your life the best it can be.  Remember, you are your best investment.  Make this gift of life be the best it can be.  

Pat Esposito has been involved in real estate for 28 years as an investor, trainer, and consultant.  He is the author of The Best Investment You Can Make, and The Informed Real Estate Investor and is the founder of
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