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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Succeed in Life: Think of Success as a Journey

By: Ivee Olivares 


What is success? Have you ever thought about it? To discover the meaning of success, consider going on a journey.

I’m serious. To know how to succeed in life, pretend you are going on a trip. Visualize yourself in your car. You’ve turned on your engine and backed out of your driveway. Have you thought about where you would like to go?

You can go for a drive just for the sake of it. You can enjoy the view as well as the feel of the wind against your hair. As for me, I like going fast. I find that taking long drives through the open countryside makes me feel free. However, in order to make your journey worth your while, you must decide on a destination. A destination gives you direction. It provides you with a goal, a target or an aim. And depending on how far you want to go, you make a plan to suit your trip.

Planning is crucial. Making a plan is what will take you from point A to point B. From the start to the finish line. From your driveway to your goal or dream.

Now we’re all different, so it follows that we have our own way of doing things. If you were the daredevil type or the happy-go-lucky sort, you would probably pack a few clothes, maybe a toothbrush and some cash. And then get into your car. I applaud such carefree souls. They have faith. They believe that they would find the necessary supplies to get them where they want to go. While winging it can be exciting, it can also be scary and unwise. Chances are they could get lost. They could run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Or actually go in the opposite direction. Hopefully, as long as they keep their ultimate goal in mind, they will be able to correct their mistakes and arrive at their desired destination.

However, if you were clever, you would most likely make more detailed preparations. You might take out a map and a compass to calculate your course. You could tune in to the news for the weather, traffic and road conditions. And you would surely prep your car. Maybe check your gas and oil levels. Or top up the air in your tires. This way you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary delays or car malfunctions. And if you get a puncture, you’ll have the tools and the spare tire to replace it.

Do you know how clever people reach their goals and achieve their dreams? They plan it. When you plan, you are actually preparing for success.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to succeed in life. But consider--what type of planner are you? After setting your goals, do you make up an action plan? Perhaps even devise your own personal development plan? Or do you cross your fingers, close your eyes and hold your breath? If you’re like me, you’ve probably done a little of both.

Making a good plan is essential. Planning gets you off to a right start. It steers you on the correct path. It helps you utilize your time, talents and energy effectively. But even the best planners cannot always predict everything. The weather suddenly changes. Or we get caught up in an accident. We can only see so far ahead.

When confronted with obstacles, what should we do?

This is what I recommend: Take a deep breath. Regroup your thoughts. But always, always, keep your goals and dreams in mind. Sooner or later, the road clears up again.

Most of us use our cars every day. We drive to work, to the grocery or to pick up the kids. And every day, we come across obstacles such as traffic jams, flooding or dangerous drivers. In dealing with those day-to-day set-backs, we try to be pragmatic. As good citizens, we obey the law. We follow signs and speed limits. We give way and strive to drive safely. If the road is being fixed, we take a detour. And if we are lost, we ask for directions. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Little do we know that we also apply those practical skills for bigger things.

I find that as long as we keep our focus on our goals and dreams, we zoom in on a way to get them. And as long as we’re patient and resourceful, we will overcome all obstacles.

What is success? It’s just like taking a trip—an important trip. That’s because the kind of success you achieve will depend on the destination you choose and the detail of your personal development plan. Your goal or dream must be worthy of your investment of time and resources. It must be big enough to warrant going through the tough times and heartache along the road. So the next time you plan on taking a nice long trip, ask yourself: where are you going? What does this trip mean to you? Then plan it, persevere because, before you know it, you’re already there.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Ivee Olivares
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