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Monday, September 20, 2010

Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety

by: Paul


Today, more than ever, people are under a lot of pressure. With all the technological advances and constant changes in the workplace, many individuals are becoming work-a-holics simply to safeguard their position in the event of restructuring or downsizing.

Ask yourself these questions. Is there really such a thing as a secure job these days? How many people this century will reach 25 years with the same company and get the gold watch?

The home is no different. With the high cost of living, both parents often must work just to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Personal relationships are not much better. We live in a disposable society.  If you are having trouble at home, walk away and find a new life. Thus, as a byproduct of todays society, millions of people need to learn how to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, stress only adds to problems in the workplace.  For instance, have you ever been in a room so thick with emotion, you could almost cut it with a knife? You want to turn right away and leave the way you came. Likewise, when there is stress in the office, a chance of the employees working together as a cohesive team is slim to none.  In fact, stress will generally affect productivity and overall performance which may lead to what is feared the most-the dreaded notice letter.

Sadly, home is also becoming negatively transformed by stress. Instead of a sanctuary from the cares of the world, home symbolizes another expense the family can barely afford. The average citizen basically lives from paycheck to paycheck.  So, if someone loses a source of income or gets sick, the whole facade of home and comfort is gone.

Naturally, if the expenses of living become a major element of stress, personal relationships begin to suffer. The kids do not understand why parents are so tense and fighting more often. Meanwhile, many parents have grown up in a society of walking away from uncomfortable situations. Thus, instead of working things out and overcoming anxious times, divorce seems a logical answer.

Today, individuals will make all manner of poor decisions to relieve pressures of life. When sleep becomes illusive, take a pill; when relaxing after work is a thing of the past, have a drink; if life has become too difficult to cope, walk away.

In conclusion, do not make the same mistakes of others under pressure. Instead, you can learn how to get rid of stress and anxiety altogether.  You can learn how to deal with lifes challenges in a constructive manner.  In a world full of reasons for anxiety, you can be happy.

About Author: Paul Sutherland is an Accelerated Business Growth Coach. His company - Daniel Thomas International is also heavily involved in personal development and growth. Now a website has been created. Here you will find some of the very best tried tested and proven methods for creating the life you really want.

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