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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Humor, Laughter And Stress

 By: Louisa Chan


Using Laughter And Humor to Manage Stress

William Fry found that one minute of laughter does an equivalent amount of work as 15 minutes of work out on the rowing machine. Now is that not a fun and effective exercise to do?

Some studies show that a positive mindset, with a sense of humor and actual laughing help to improve outlook in life, gives better health and immune system. A sense of humor and actual laughing is touted to be an effective way to reduce stress.

Laughing like deep breathing sends fresh oxygen into our cells and organs, pulls our body and facial muscles, changes our heart rate and blood pressure and increases the release of endorphins while reducing cortisol. Thank goodness for laughter that is free and a healthy sense of humor!

Never mind if you do not feel that there is very much to smile or laugh about. Some researches think that our body cannot tell if the laughter is spontaneous or simulated. So start smiling even when you do not feel like smiling and you can feel better. Start simulating the act of laughing, eh learn to laugh and have a little fun. Take a lighter stance if you are feeling too serious, uptight or uneasy and see if we feel any differently.

Laughing, deep breathing replenishes your body with generous gulps of oxygen. And as you laugh more heartily, you begin to relax and see things with a different perspective. Your body then releases endorphins, the feel good chemical that will help you neutralize the sense of pressure and overwhelm.

Laughing heartily also help you burn up calories (about 50 calories for a good hearty laugh of 15 minutes, according to Maciej Buchowski)! That must be great news for those of us who are wanting to burn more calories! No wonder they say "Laughter is the Best Medicine"!

I have a report on how you can learn to laugh "in spite of" to help manage stress. Feel free to make use of and follow the exercises mentioned here and add more laughter and joy into your life — and the life of those around you.

Use humor and laughter as a form of exercise to manage your daily stress, alone or in a group. Now I wonder if we should start having regular "laughing" time so we can fill up our oxygen supply, burn up some calories and feel a whole lot better!

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