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Friday, September 17, 2010

Solving the right problems with clarity of mind

by Charles Taylor Pennington

Do you ever feel the actions youre taking in life arent giving you the results you desire?

That feeling of spinning your wheels is frustrating, isnt it?

Consider this: The action youre taking is an attempt to solve a problem. What if youre asking the wrong questions? What if youre just swatting at symptoms and not getting to the root of your problems?

From my systems engineering background, I found out that if youre putting time and energy into solving the wrong problem its a far worse thing than just sort of sitting back and clearing the decks and letting inspiration take you to the solution.

Letting inspiration bring the solution to you is easier. Isnt it?

In a lot of cases, we go out and think that action, for the sake of action, is good. Gotta be busycant let anyone think were lazy, ya gotta take action.

And while thats true, its only true when youre living from inspired and harmonic thought.

If youre running down a path and youre not clear first and you taken off before you take your inspiration, a lot of times thats wasted energy. And youre running yourself down a rabbit hole that you dont have to.

Do you find yourself occasionally looking up after awhile and wondering how you got where you are?

Do you feel uneasy when you try to stop and calm your mind and figure things out? Do you keep doing the same things simply because you cant think of anything new to try beating you head on the wall of life?

Its like when youre working on a computer and it screws up and you just keep clicking that icon or keep hitting the enter key expecting a different result. And, you know its not going to happen.

The subroutines that are running in that system have gone awryits time to reboot your life. But thats similar to the way humans interact with the system thats available for them.

The Human Operating System.

The body, the mind, the being, the energy, thats the system. And so, when that system has a slight malfunction, I mean the whole computers generally working but this particular program in this particular area, all of a sudden you cant print or something.

So, thats kind of the way of life. Your subroutines get out of whack and so, rather than stopping for a second and trying to assess the situation and perhaps clear your mind of any negative energies, we keep clicking the icon.

In the case of lifes situations and life itself, rather than beating your head on the problems, sit back and clear.

Clear on the issues, clear on the emotions, clear on everything, and let inspiration bring you the answers.

Would you rather have a clear mind or cluttered mind advising you on what action you should be taking?

So where does the mental clutter come from?

That uncomfortable feeling of having to take action for the sake of action is the false reflection of yourself in others. Youre concerned about the way others will perceive what the outward results are.

And so, youre acting in accordance to what you think, theyre thinking. Not only do you have to worry about what actions to take, youve got to calculate what you think theyre thinking.

How jacked up is that? Not looking to your self for your final answers sets you up for wasting time solving a lot of the wrong problems.

So, action for the sake of action, release what others are seeing about the situation and look inward, release the emotion about it and let the answer come. Let inspiration guide you. And then take inspired action not action for the sake of action.

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