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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trained memory versus Natural memory

by Bill Doyle


 Most people complain about their bad memory, but few people ever do anything about it.  In this article you will learn that there is a great deal you can do about your bad memory.

The truth is there is no such thing as a bad memory or a good memory, only a trained memory and an untrained memory.  I want you to fix that thought firmly in your mind.  The only reason people forget things is simply down to the fact that they didn"��t remember it properly in the first place. The most valuable lesson that you will learn here is that the more you train your memory the better your "��natural memory"�� will develop.  By natural memory I mean your ability to remember without the aid of any memory training.
During our normal everyday lives most people only "��see"�� where as only a few people actually "��observe"��.  there is a vast difference between seeing and actually observing and this plays a fundamental roll in training your memory.  Most of us have a clock in our kitchen or living room to tell us the time during the day.  Let me ask you a question about your clock and please do not look at the clock until I have ask the question.  Is the number 6 on the clock  the figure 6 or the roman numeral V1?  Think about this for a moment before you all rush off to look at the clock.  Now remember that you see this clock everyday and most people do not know the answer to this question.  We did not observe all of the information presented to us by this time piece.  People see but do not observe.

This is probably the most important key element in remembering facts, event and most things in general.  After something is observed it must be associated in our minds with something we already know or remember.  Association, in relation to memory, simply means the connecting up of two or more things to each other.  A typical example of this can be seen in the old rhyme "��thirty days hath September, April, June, and November, all the rest have thirty one etc"��.  This rhyme helps us to remember the number of days in a particular month.  Simple associations, just like the rhyme above, can be applied to remembering anything and everything in our normal everyday lives.
Most of us in our subconscious minds have a fear of losing our memory.  Let us look at it in another way. If we fail to exercise our arms and legs on a daily basis our muscles will become weak and deteriorate from the lack of exercise.  The same can be said with our memory. If our memory is not exercised constantly it too will deteriorate.  There are many memory training exercises on the market today. I personally studied memory training techniques during my college years. I really was amazed at the potential power of some of the training exercises. To improve your memory you must go to a good book shop and decide which course to buy. If you need advise on which course to choose please feel free to contact me.  It is important  to set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to study the techniques shown on the course.  After completing your memory training course you will make four remarkable discoveries. 

1. Memory training systems actually do work. 
2. Your "��natural"�� memory will start to improve considerably.
3. Memory techniques will become "��second nature"�� to you and thus your "��natural"�� memory improves even further.
4. The final thing you will notice with this memory improvement is desire.  The desire to remember more and more. 

Only you can make that all important decision to improve and develop a super power memory.

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