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Friday, September 17, 2010

Interview Techniques: Secure Your Dream Job

by Overcome NOW team


Interview techniques

What defines poor interview techniques?

A nervousness of interviews is common, especially when an interview, and a resulting job, may have considerable effect on a person"��s life. If an individual does not perform to their best of their ability during an interview, they may not 'sell themselves' to the potential employer, and leave the interview feeling they could have performed better.

This is often due to a lack of confidence in interview techniques and can hold people up in their career, and in extreme cases leave them avoiding any form of interview "�" preventing them applying for promotions or new jobs.

In our experience

There are many books and articles that will help show you what to say at interviews, and how to answer questions. However they won"��t help you overcome your fear of interviews and improve your interview techniques. We have considerable experience in this area and from our work with clients in this position it is not a "��knowledge gap"�� or "��skills gap"��, it is usually rooted in an approach that lacks self confidence and self belief.

This mindset is linked to your thoughts and feelings about interview techniques. The consequence of this mindset is a lack of confidence which may affect your attendance at, and behaviour in interviews.

It"��s essential that you lose your fear and appear confident with your interview techniques. A key to being successful at interviews is not always what you say, but that your present your answers with confidence and poise.

For example, being able to answer the question "��why do you want the job?"�� does not mean you will come across confidently, and therefore competently. Our experience suggests clients should understand there is no physical or mental reason why they cannot perform with confidence, and to the best of their ability at Interviews using great interview techniques.

What we offer

We help you break those existing patterns using a variety of techniques, leaving you feeling confident to move forward with your life.

We have not only worked with people that have had a fear of interviews, or lack confidence with interview techniques, but we have experience interviewing candidates for senior positions, so we know what an interviewer will be looking for.

On our program you will be:-

1. Asked to identify the triggers that lead to your lack of confidence with interview techniques and help you understand what thoughts and feelings this provokes

2. Shown how to change your "��self-talk"�� and take on a more positive approach to being interviewed.

3. Given helpful tips and advice that includes winning preparation, so you arrive at the interview feeling confident and able to perform with your best interview techniques

4. Asked to Role-Play to yourself to help you practise new skills and behaviours.

5. Asked to undertake some simple tasks that will help you change your thinking and beliefs about being interviewed.

6. Guided to listen to our hypnotherapy session that will help you break old patterns, and install new positive patterns of thoughts and feelings towards interview techniques.

Overcome your fear of being interviewed NOW with this self-help program, and join many other successful jobholders.

The Overcome NOW team has concentrated on helping individuals achieve personal change through the use of Hypnosis. With 20 years experience in hypnosis and interview techniques. The Overcome NOW team has achieved a Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and in addition, with his specialism in Hypnosis, the Overcome NOW team is a Registered Hypnotist and a certificated Master Practitioner of Hypnosis.

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