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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Importance of Focus

by Viswas Mahale


Proverbs, fables, legends and myths have been constructed around the importance of focusing on one"��s goal. In this anecdote, it is only Arjuna who can concentrate on the target- the bird"��s eye; his other brothers are unable to eliminate the surrounding distractions from their line of vision. It is of prime importance that one should not be deviated from one"��s path by the day to day distractions that crop up on the pursuit of one"��s goal.

This seems to echo the author"��s mantra in the earlier chapters that success comes from within. He establishes a positive relation between the mind"��s power to focus and one"��s potential. A very important point that is touched upon by the author is that success is a gradual process and in order to succeed one must persevere in one"��s efforts. Just like one has to perform day to day activities in a chronological process, success cannot be achieved by rushing towards it. It is therefore of the highest importance that one should not be distracted or disheartened due to the delay in achieving success. An extremely interesting concept that introduces is that since a lot of people waste a lot of time simply brooding over the consequence of their action without even having actually performed the action, he says that one should be following a circular path rather than treading on a straight line so that one can close in on the fear and thus eliminate it

One should also get in perspective both short-term enjoyment and long term happiness. One should not be oblivious to long term happiness for the sake of short term enjoyment. In order to achieve long term happiness one must prioritize one"��s actions. A major factor that acts as a hindrance to success is the fact that people tend to procrastinate a lot; this is a habit that people should put behind them in order to succeed. These include basic rudimentary tips like setting realistic goals as well as philosophical ideals such as "��be a rock, not a feather"��. These are very easy to follow day to day practices which will enhance one"��s concentration deepening one"��s focus.

There is also a section on how to eliminate what Vishwas terms as "��inner demons"��, these are factors that hinder the mind from functioning properly thus hampering the mind"��s ability to concentrate which in turn adversely affects the individual"��s ability to focus on his goals.

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