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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Youth Anger Management-Tips & Techniques

 By: Sidney Sherman


Developments of anger and outbursts of frustration are not uncommon among teens and younger adults. The expression of anger is not abnormal by any means, but over time, outbursts of anger and resentment can lead to horrific habits when it comes to the way a child or young person expresses that anger.

Expressions of anger are not abnormal among children, it is at this early age that the life long anger patterns can develop if a program to deal with the anger is not implemented. It is important to teach children how to process and express negative emotions such as anger in decent and appropriate ways. Conditioning children from an early age to control their anger is important in the development of the child's mind.

When dealing with teen anger, the parents needs to be disciplined and steadfast in dealing with the teen's aggression. The parent must be a good communicator in order to have insight about what issues the youth is dealing with outside the home. Parents need to be supportive and caring when they see that their child is visibly upset, for it is the ignorance to the problem that will make the child even more upset. Also, the parent must speak to the child, explaining the acceptable ways to deal with and express the anger they are feeling.

One excellent way to curb anger outbursts and unacceptable tantrums is through positive reinforcement. Reward the child for self-control and appropriate anger management. By rewarding the children for controlling their out bursts, they will learn the acceptable ways to deal with anger. Remind them that their self-control is very important by granting special privileges when the child has behaved appropriately for a certain period of time. Take away the special privileges if the child uses unacceptable forms of expression such as violence or profanity.

It is when a youth's expressions of anger turn into physical aggression that could harm another person that it is time to seek some type of anger management program. Even if the anger simply turns into destructive behavior, any physical expression of anger is beyond acceptable by most standards. At this point, finding a professional program to help your youth cope with the anger will make a lasting effect on the way the youth deals with the anger. By attending to and dealing with the anger at a young age, you, as a parent, can save your child from a lifetime of anger struggles.

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