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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stress Should Not be a Job Requirement

 by booksbyrobert

If you opt to become a police officer, a fire department person, or work with explosives, you probably expect that stress in some form will come with the job. However, in other types of jobs stress can come from many sources.

1. Overload. With too much work and too little time, stress is inevitable. This may be either a permanent or temporary situation. If temporary, you can probably cope with it. If permanent, tell your supervisor it is too much. If that doesn't bring results, consider looking for another job, as stress builds with repetition.

2. Noise. Few jobs are located next to a junk yard or a sound stage where bands with strange-sounding names are rehearsing. If you are unlucky enough to work in such a deafening environment, stress can be unbearable.

3. A messy environment. If you were raised in a normal environment but your workplace reminds you of the city dump, it can be stressful. The toilet is plugged up, the broken window hasn't been replaced and you have to avoid puddles wherever you walk.

4. Obsolete equipment. Some small companies have been doing the same job the same way forever. They are resistant to change or modernizing. The secretary is still using a typewriter instead of a word processor. The carpenter is denied even an electric screw driver. This makes the job longer and harder, which causes frustration, which causes stress.

5. Cranky boss. One of the most common sources of job stress is a mean boss. He or she belittles the employees under them, ignores their complaints and has no compassion for their problems or their well being. This type of job stress can range from indifference to harassment.
6. Obnoxious co-worker. The obnoxious co-worker is usually loud, with a raucous sense of humor. He or she sees humor in ordinary situations and laughs inappropriately.

Another type of co-worker who causes stress is the one who takes credit for your successes and blames you for their mistakes.

Unfortunately, most of these sources of job stress are not apparent before you are hired, but come with the job. They usually catch you by surprise and turn what you thought would be a great job into a nightmare.

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