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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Over Your Fear of Goals

by matthewferry


 Why Positive Thinking Won"��t Work

Positive thinking doesn"��t work. I know "�" I"��ve tried it. I"��ve tried it a lot. I"��ve taught positive thinking to thousands and thousands of people. And they were still slightly frustrated and annoyed. They would get miserable and pissed off or they"��d go into states of depression. These were really effective, powerful people. These were the people who were doing the affirmations, the visualizations and they were doing all of the things that we"��ve been taught over the years to be positive. But that didn"��t seem to work. And yet, for all intent and purposes, they were pretty positive compared to other people.

But were they in a state of bliss? No. They weren"��t in a state of bliss. Positivity doesn"��t work because when people talk about being positive, what they"��re talking about is the affect of a particular point of view. An affect. In other words, I am positive when I view the world in this way.

So when I view the world in a non-resistant way, when I am in a state of total and complete acceptance of all people in all situations at all times, including myself, I"��m naturally positive. I"��m naturally upbeat. I"��m naturally in a state of joy and feeling good.

When I am resisting and making things wrong, making people wrong, being upset, being annoyed and being agitated, then, I"��m naturally not positive. It doesn"��t matter how many affirmations I do. If I am looking in the mirror saying, "��I am powerful. I"��m unstoppable. I"��m the best."��, I"��m not dealing with the real issue.

Maybe I am upset with myself for being in the job that I"��m in. I am scared about my finances. My kids are pissing me off lately. I look at myself in the mirror, and I think to myself, "��What are you doing, fattie?"�� All of those things are occurring, and I"��m saying, "��I"��m powerful, I"��m unstoppable. I am the best."�� You have the drunk monkey swinging out of the jungle and saying, "��Shut up, stupid. You"��re fat. You"��ve got problems, etc, etc."��

See, saying positive affirmations is nothing more than trying to be something other than what you are. I know that the old saying is "��fake it "��til you make it."�� But, my friend, I can tell you I have faked it and I didn"��t make it because I was successful, succeeding, affective, powerful, but still frustrated and annoyed. I kept wondering when I was going to reach actual positivity. I just kept wondering why I was not really happy. I had the Mercedes, the nice house, a beautiful wife, and I received the accolades and the success. But where was the happiness?

I realized that you have to deal with the stuff inside. You need to understand that you have a brain that wants to survive in a world where you"��re definitely going to die. You have to understand that there is an operational procedure going on in your head that doesn"��t care about you, doesn"��t care about your goals and dreams, doesn"��t care about the people in your life. It is making you wrong and everything else wrong, in the spirit of trying to survive. It is only trying to survive. You need to use the game-changer formula, which is to see the mind for what it really is so that you can suddenly become flexible, which will then reveal a whole new set of options and give you power.

I want you to practice total and complete acceptance of all people in all situations at all times including yourself. No matter what. No matter what people do. I want you to see it from their perspective, see it from their opinion, see it from their point of view.

When you"��re in an honoring, appreciating, accepting, and understanding mode, you"��re literally in a state of fearlessness. And when you"��re in fearlessness, you"��re automatically positive. You"��re automatically positive. You"��re automatically optimistic. You"��re inspired, and you"��re in action. This is my goal for you. Try it on.

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