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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stress - Know Your Enemy

 by Andrew John


Stress is in fact an inseparable companion in our life. Still, we react to it in different ways. Some of us learn how to not let it get to them, others close themselves from not only the stress but also other influences and emotions, while many other are very vulnerable to even smallest causes of stress. Still, there are many methods to get rid of the stress, but to follow them and become happy and healthy, you must first know which type of personality you have to know how you can deal with the problem.

The most common types of stress are related to work problems, financial situation or family dysfunctions. In fact everything can be a source of stress as long as we are unable to face given problem and solve it. Of course there are people who cooperate with stress and can use it to get better results, but they are in minority. For most of us stress leads only to worsening of situation.

Stress can be a real danger to your life. Too much of it may cause health problems with both body and mind, complicate our relationships with family and friends or even end in craziness and hospitalization. This is why you should avoid stressful situations, and due to fact that not always it will be possible, also learn how to deal with such. The key to success is positive thinking, which not only can overcome our worries and negative thoughts, which are the main sources of stress, but also suggest us how to deal with our everyday problems.

Some of us tend to solve their problems alone. Still, in case of the stress they should rather change their habits and accept every help they can get. Speaking with a friend about the situation is far better that being worried alone. What's more, when you will reject help and thus lose your friends, the only effect will be higher dose of stress.

As you can see, stress can really change your life for worse. Mood swings, health problems, lost friends, divorce, depression and even suicidal attempts - all can be caused by too much stress. What's more, uncontrolled stress tends to increase, small difficulties which appear in our everyday life become to big for you and you fall into a trap of a vicious circle, which is very hard to break. This is why it is extremely important to learn how to stop stress when you can still handle it, not when the pressure is too high and paralyzes you.

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