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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ideas For Conquering Laziness

by Jackie Sims


We all procrastinate at times, whether at home or at work. We try our best to avoid it but there's times it simply gets the better of us. Although we feel powerless to resist procrastination, there are some things that you can try.

Like any character flaw that you want to rectify, you must first admit that you are a procrastinator. Denying it and refusing to acknowledge the problem exists is a form of procrastination in itself.

Your second step is to have a real brainstorming session, either with yourself or others, and be honest about what your procrastination is stopping you doing. This could be anything; like getting in shape, going after promotion, proposing to a loved one. We miss out on so many things in life by procrastinating.

Once you've made your list, don't get all moody and miserable about what you've lost, you must look forward and determine never to miss out again.

There is an old saying' never put off until tomorrow what you can do today', and after viewing your list you will see how sensible this saying is. Get out of this habit before it get any worse and start dealing with things when they arise, not when they have reached crisis point.

These things could be anything; running errands, doing chores, reading a book for school, in fact anything that you have put off for no other reason than you couldn't be bothered. Get in there and do it, and don't stop until it's completely finished.

One you have achieved this step; do not assume you are cured. You need to ensure you don't fall into the habit again. Look at what you have achieved and how much easier it was than you expected it to be and how capable you really are.

If you have followed this advice step by step you should see light at the end of the tunnel and have the confidence to take on the tasks and break the procrastination pattern. Be aware all the time however, how easily you could slip back into it. Form now on, every time you are given a task, do it immediately without thinking twice about it.

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