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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You should know these brands in China

by Keely


 It is often easy to detect the Chinese product. Or anything with Jackie Chan tricks in their advertising. However, some Chinese products or trademarks property can make you do a double take. Whether you've bought from companies based in foreign countries is an original of your account, below are some of the most head-scratching things that the Chinese can claim. And suddenly it shows how far reaching this country is really ...

NetEase, founded in 1997 by William Ding (which is now consistently ranked as one of the richest individuals in China) is an Internet company whose Web site hosts multiple search engines and "massively multiplayer online game" . You may have heard of the popular "The fantastic journey to the West", a MMORPG which helped increase the market value of NetEase to about 761.6 million dollars. In April this year, Alexa Internet Rankings NetEase found to be the place "28th most visited on the planet." If you're curious, that's more than AOL, CNN or the BBC. There should be plenty of players out there...

If you bought a laptop or cell phone while in China, chances are you've run through Lenovo. It is a computer technology company based in Beijing who specializes in desktops, laptops, and since 2009, cell phones. According to its website, Lenovo is now the third largest mobile market in the country and the fourth largest seller of personal computers worldwide. These are also the guys behind the popular ThinkPad laptops, which bought IBM in 2005. Surprisingly for a Chinese company based Lenovo was appointed by Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics "as one of the leading computer companies of the environment, ranking seventeenth this year. Could this mean China going green?

If you have a bank account in China, on which be seen UnionPay. It is the country's only national credit card and is everywhere. Founded in 2002, some of the largest banks in China were its first members, as the Bank of China and China Construction Bank. Currently, he works closely with some of the world's largest international companies credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA and American Express. According to Xinhua News Agency, this means that UnionPay card can be used in over twenty countries including the United States, Australia, Germany and Japan. Good to know the card travel well ...

"China" and "wine" may not seem an obvious match, but the recent purchase of a Hong Kong company of the French winery Chateau Richelieu can change all that. Apparently, Chinese investors have been taking advantage of this recession thing around to buy bottles of rare wine - and apparently hold. According to the wine blog "Decanter", the previous owners will co-operate in the cellar, with Hong Kong Company to take over sales and distribution in China. So how much money you drop in this store? The estimates are coming in around three million Euros, which may seem a ridiculous amount of money until one considers the growing Chinese wine market. Just last year, total consumption of wine increased by 15% in China, while sales of wine from Bordeaux in particular, and increased by 36%. Everything ganbei-tion must be paying off.

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  1. great read. ya. china + wine is weird to think about.