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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Employee Time Management - Top 3 Tips

By: Sonam Lama 


If you are an employee at a competitive and busy office, you will undoubtedly want to perform to the best of your abilities in order to succeed, however the problem of working within a busy environment presents its share of challenges and the number of responsibilities you have to manage can prove overwhelming.

When you lose the ability to maintain control of your workday, your performance runs the risk of suffering which can put a damper on your prospects within the company and the potential for future advancement. This is why effective employee time management needs to be self-motivated and put into action to either improve or maintain your status within the company.

This leads me to the next crucial point, which is most probably the most valuable advice you must know if elevating your employee time management skills is your number one priority. This advice is ,of course, to avoid the temptation of procrastinating.

The reason being is quite simply because procrastination is one of the biggest productivity killers of all time.

Eventually when you put things off for too long, you end up having to complete a ton of work at the last minute and usually results in not getting any work done at all. So, just realize that procrastination is not the way to productivity.

Okay, so how do you boost your employee time management to avoid procrastination?

Well, that’s actually quite simple.

The classic "to do list" should be a major tool in the arsenal of employee time management.

When you have a solid list of what you need to do throughout the day you can effectively time your work schedule in accordance with what needs to be done.

However, I’m not talking about the "old" "to do list" of simply randomly writing down whatever you feel you need to accomplish. The one I’m talking about is writing down your top 2 "most valuable" tasks that bring you the most money. This will force you to cut through the unnecessary and tedious tasks and get to the core of what will bring you and your company the most money, the most prospects, the most recognition, etc.

Begin with only two, since they are your 2 most important tasks and would need your full focus in order to get it to completed.

Always make sure your "to do list" is flexible. With the unpredictability that often comes with life, circumstances and situations can virtually change without a moment’s notice.

That means you need to be able to tweak and modify your schedule so that it can handle any last minute changes with minimal impact.

I understand it’s sometimes hard to see that employee time management is often about making decisions regarding priorities with changes needing to be made at the drop of a dime.

But in the midst of all those changes and hysteria you must remember the final golden rule, which is to not complain. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with employees that were masters at complaining about their issues. They’ll curse and swear hoping it will solve their problem, but all their doing is sinking lower and lower in self pity.

To avoid any situation like this, you should make it your priority to manage your time from the start of your workday and keep a positive attitude, this way the work won’t seem like as difficult or boring and you’ll be less likely to procrastinate and put it off for later.

Okay, So what do you do now?

What you do is completely STOP any and all sort of procrastination, create your to do lists consisting of your top 2 most critical tasks and quit complaining when things don’t turn out the way you want. So, take action as soon as you can and enjoy the dramatic increase in your employee time management and productivity.

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