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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anxiety Cures the Fun Way

by Jake Flower


 Are your days filled with unnecessary worrying? Do you often experience feeling scared, nervous, out of breath, dizzy, nauseous etc? Well then chances are you suffer from anxiety. Before you sit back and start to get depressed about your situation, take heart. There are anxiety cures available. If you are thinking that you have to take medication and go through many sessions of psychotherapy, think again. If you anxiety is not so bad then all you need to do may be to reduce your stress. These practical and fun things can really help you out:

*    Eat chocolate- if you enjoy desserts or have a sweet tooth then this should help alleviate your anxiety. Chocolate is known to contain ingredients and natural chemicals which help with the production of happy hormones in the brain.

*    Take a break- is everything around you filled with stressful events and things? Give yourself a breather and take a break from it all. Go to the rooftop of your office and get some fresh air. Take a cup or relaxing tea or even eating you favorite comfort food can help you.

*    Listen to music- we all know that music a great way for people to express themselves and calm down. Listen to some soothing music in your car or on your mp3 player. If you would prefer not to listen to music the sounds of nature can also be a good alternative.

*    Get a move on it- have you ever tried taking up a new sport or joining a health club? Whatever you choose exercise can help your body release happy hormones to help keep you in a good mood and cheerful. It also gets rid of the negative energy you have.

*    Treat yourself- once in awhile you should do the things that you enjoy to help you make sure that you have a good time. By having a good time you can forget about your worries and reduce stress, thus reducing anxiety. It is always fun to try new things or start doing old hobbies and interests once again.

*    Express yourself- letting your emotions out is a good way for you to deal with stress. Often times we bottle up what we feel and this gets all pent up until we reach a point where we feel like exploding or where we get totally stressed out. So talk about your problems or write about it.

About the Author:
Jake Flower is an authority when it comes to stress and anxiety cures. He writes about what he knows to help increase awareness for sufferers.

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