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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anxiety Attack - What to Do? Differences Between an Anxiety Attack and a Panic Attack

by Deborah R.


Although many people use the terms interchangeably, there are important differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack. The distinction between the two is best described by the degree or intensity of the symptoms, and how long the primary symptoms last. When having a panic or anxiety attack, what to do next takes precedence over anything else. In understanding how each differs, you will be a step ahead in taking control of the situation.

Anxiety Attack - the key component of an anxiety attack is that you are worrying about something going on in your life such as money concerns, job troubles, or relationship issues

  • usually occurs as a reaction to a particular stressor, such as walking down the street at night and hearing other footsteps, or getting on a plane and just starting to lift up into the air

  • anxiety typically builds over time and is generally associated with a high degree of worry

  • although symptoms are usually less intense than those associated with panic attacks, they can last minutes, days, weeks or months

  • when the stressor goes away, so does the anxiety attack

  • you may feel short of breath or feel your heart race

  • you may feel afraid and worried

  • Panic Attack - the most important trait of a panic attack is that you are worrying right at that moment about something going on in your mind or body, instead of worrying about something going on in your life.

  • does not usually occur as a result of a stressor

  • you may feel dread, alarm, or uneasiness

  • you may feel you are losing control, having a heart attack, choking, or going crazy

  • you may experience a multitude of physical symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, chest pain, shaking

  • symptoms present themselves without warning and can be unpredictable and overpowering

  • symptoms can peak within 10 minutes and then last from a few minutes to several hours

  • In trying to work with and alleviate your panic or anxiety attack, what to do next will be dependent on what kind of attack you are having. There is good treatment available for either condition.

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    1. Hello,
      If we are talking about the treatment of anxiety attack,there is no specific treatment but changing the direction of your thoughts when an anxiety attack begins can actually redirect the signals your body receives and as a result impact the symptoms you are experiencing.this will decrease and even eventually begin to eliminate those symptoms.