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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Learning To Believe That You Are Worth It

 By: Roseanna Leaton


I was reading the other day about the creation of the L'Oreal slogan "because I'm worth it" and why it appealed to so many women. The subtlety and art of good copy writing is, I have to admit, something which I am quite in awe of.

This phrase, in a few short words, cut to the chase and placed a link in one's mind to the effect that those women who used l'Oreal hair dye felt self confident; this further implied that if you began to use this product you would automatically and quite naturally build confidence. The most interesting thing of all is that if you think something will work for you, it will. That phrase, which women heard time and again, reinforced the belief that "you are worth it" with each and every rendition. It was in this way reinforced and strengthened.

Of course, at the time that the slogan was first coined, few women dyed their hair. In doing so you were daring to be different and to stand out from the crowd. Today, if you did not color your hair you would be displaying a difference. In a few decades, millions of women have declared that "they are worth it" and the l'Oreal slogan has being reinvented time and again so as to continue to persuade women to buy these products.

We identify with things which relate to that which we want. If we did not want to feel confident, we would not find the "because you're worth it" slogan appealing; rather, we would shy away from it. Who does not want to feel good? Who does not want to feel confident? Who does not want to feel valued? Everyone wants to! This is the beauty and art of this slogan; it spreads its wings in a few short beats and captures the mind of every woman.

We all want to feel confident and we all want to believe that the process of building confidence is as easy as changing your hair color. Sometimes a new suit, pretty dress or new hair-do actually achieves this desired result. At other times a little more effort might be required. Real confidence, like real beauty, comes from within.

You can don an outer cloak of confidence but at some point your inner self may, like a lizard, shrug it off. An easy way in which you can build inner self confidence is by listening to hypnosis mp3s. As you go to bed each night, simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 download, you can access your inner mind, your subconscious; this is the part of your mind which acts instinctively and automatically.

In hearing hypnotic suggestions designed to make you believe in yourself you will find your confidence building easily and quickly. As with the l'Oreal slogan, each rendition strengthens the confidence building effect.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnotherapy mp3s for confidence and well-being.

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  1. Very true.. Yes, it works.. And I remembered when I was doing my 1st year in my Applied Psychology, there was this method which taught about using the index and middle fingers together, tapping it on your left side of your brain, (the small area behind your left eye, before your hair).. Just tap it gently and as you tap gently, say an encouraging verse like I am worth, I can do it, I can deal it, etc for ten times before you sleep.. It will then helps you in getting your thoughts 'worked out' and 'sort out' as you progress day by day..