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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Create Your Own Personal Development Plan

by Valerie Parson.


All of us wants to change something about ourselves. It is in this area where an effective personal development plan is greatly needed. To be able to realize your plan, you need to reexamine every aspect of your life. If you think a change is what you need, you should ponder and reflect on which part of your life should you improve on or totally change.

* Reevaluate yourself. To determine which area of your personality needs to be changed, you should review the different facets that make up your being. To come up with an effective personal development plan, make  a list of the different aspects of your life including family, finances, health or lifestyle, career, personal relationships, education, and so on. Take a good look at the list, then classify them based on their importance. Be honest with your list, and note which aspects need enhancement and which of them has to be sustained. Check which among the aspects of your personal development are attainable given a specific time target.

* Act on your plan. In order to realize your personal development plan, you need to couple it with determination and of course with action. A plan will remain a plan unless paired with actual deeds. Lay out your goals then come up with helpful strategies to attain personal development. As an example, if you want to report to your office on time, change your sleeping patterns, sleep early, and avoid drinking caffeinated beverages or eating stimulating food like sweets and chocolates a few minutes before bedtime. 

* Include discipline. A personal development plan would not be effective if you will not incorporate discipline with it. If you want to have a better life, you should acknowledge the fact that you would have to sacrifice some things in order for you to kick the bad habits and start living the life you have always wanted to have. It may be difficult at first but once your system gets used to your determination, your personal development plan will slowly materialize. Discipline is one of the important values that you need to have in order to appreciate life's little lessons.

* Envision your rewards.  Create a mental picture on what you would look like or what you will become if you will adhere to the plans you made. Make these pictures your inspiration, but in the process, you also have to understand your personal limitations. Be kind to yourself as you take on the slow and sometimes frustrating process of self-development. 

Things to Consider

Having a personal development plan will not make things easier for you in terms of improving yourself. You have to be realistic about it and see which among the entries in your plan are attainable and which of them are not so as to avoid frustrations and to prevent you from backsliding to your old ways. Developing a self-support system would also help in developing yourself.

Improving oneself does not happen overnight. With a good amount of discipline and with the help of a well-thought-out personal development plan, slowly you should see yourself reaching your goals.

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