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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do You Permit Stress To Rule Your Life?

 by Jamesh


Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, but how do you know when it's hit a dangerous level in your life? Feeling a bit stressed or anxious, when youre trying to meet an important deadline at work, or when you need to get up and give a speech to the PTA, is totally normal. But if you are becoming easily overwhelmed by just doing our daily tasks, Stress may be the reason.

Stress can and does impact the body physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Some danger signs to watch out for include:

Emotional Distress.

If your emotions seem to be out of control, it may be time to evaluate what is causing the stress. Sudden mood swings, unexplained anxiety, trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, finding it hard to concentrate, and even excess worry and feeling tense all of the time, are definite indications of stress.

Behavioral Signs.

Do you find yourself overreacting at the slightest things? Do you act on impulse or withdraw from mingling with friends, family, or even your co-workers? Are you taking alcohol or drugs more often than before? it could possibly be that the stresses you have in your life are beginning to have a negative impact on the manner in which you deal with the pressures around you.

Physical Indicators.

Stress can have a massive negative bearing on somebody's well-being. When stress begins to build up over time, with very little release, anxiety can turn inward, causing both annoying physical complaints like fatigue and headaches, to more severe ailments including chest pain, diabetes and strokes, among others. Stress overload has even been linked to an increased risk of some cancers.

When somebody starts to show these signs chances are stress has already begun to affect their daily lives in a negative way. They could be feeling overwhelmed extremely tired, or have several serious complaints.

Depession has also been linked to severe stress, especially for those with a family history of the disease. Particular care must be taken when the stressors in life begin to have such an effect that intense fellings of sadness follow. Depression like stress is eminently treatable with drugs and therapy and should never be ignored.

Stress has a function in all our lives. It is a great source of power and can help us to overcome great obstacles and face emergencies with clarity and focus. Too much, however, can turn us inward, undermine our confidence, and overwhelm us so much that we cannot finish the most simple tasks. Stress can give us strength, or it can deplete us of our reserves, leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed. Learning how to recognize when you have stress overload, and discovering a means of dealing with it are essential to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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