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Friday, September 10, 2010

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - How to Cure GAD Naturally

 by John Cielo


Everybody suffers daily anxiety which is normal, especially in our modern way of life. But people who have Generalized Anxiety Disorder -- sometimes called General Anxiety Disorder -- suffer far higher and more intense levels of anxiety every day. Whereas people without GAD can overcome their anxieties and fears, people with GAD just cannot.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a chronic condition that leaves the sufferer with overwhelming fear and anxiety. They continually obsess, stress and worry about things and situations in a way that far outweighs their significance. And they are aware they are doing this but they just don't know how to control their fears.

Sufferers tend to obsess about the future by always expecting the worst in terms of things such as family, job, income, relationships, exams, etc. They just cannot relax and they invariably have sleep problems. And apart from the fear and constant worry, they can have many other symptoms such as nausea, hot flashes, sweats, twitching, shaking, lightheadedness, headaches, irritability. The frequent need to urinate is common too, as is depression.

Although GAD doesn't normally include agoraphobia -- the fear of open spaces -- and many sufferers can continue working and socializing, in other ways it's so severe that it definitely affects their quality of life, and, in the severest cases, makes it almost impossible to get on with normal daily life.

There are drug-based treatments that can work for many people, but the use of things like tranquilizers and antidepressants doesn't suit everyone, especially due to the many side effects which include dependency issues. In any case these are treating mood or just calming mechanisms.

The underlying issue at the heart of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the continual 'fear' that sufferers feel. This fear of the future and about what might happen, however irrational, is real to the sufferer nevertheless. And it can be so acute that it causes your general anxiety levels to reach such an intensity that it can trigger panic attacks. And these are just so terrifying experiences that you are absolutely terrified of having another.

This just builds on your existing fear putting you into a vicious cycle of anxiety. So the key is for you to break that cycle. Drugs won't do this, only you -- with a little help -- can.

To show you how powerful you can be, do this for me:- try to have a panic attack right now, go on try; and try again. You can't can you? And the reason being is that you faced it head-on and so you were in control this time. This is just a very simple example to show you how can regain control of your life with the right help.

So next, to discover the simple ' ONE MOVE ' technique that will eliminate your fear factor and so break your vicious cycle of anxiety, please go here now and prepare to get your old self back again.


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