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Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting to Know About the Various Personality Disorders

Submitted by: Marco


A  hypernym for a kind of mental ailment characterized by an uncommon  way of seeing things and social dysfunction is personality disorder.  On the whole, a person encumbered with a personality disorder would  have an inflexible behavior regardless of any situation. More often  than not, this behavior is also likely to be self-destructive and  self-deprecating. People diagnosed with a personality disorder  experience deplorable circumstances in their lives, and they cannot  function normally in everyday situations involving work, home,  school, etc. Treatment would rely on the specific kind of disorder,  for there are many different kinds of personality disorders.  Alternatives would involve hospitalization, psychotherapy, and  medications such as the  best antidepressant for  your condition (to be prescribed by a doctor) and other psychotropic  drugs.     If  you have a personality disorder, chances are, you are hardly aware of  it. Typically, you would tend to blame other people for your  distress. Like a person unable to see his own face without a mirror,  you are oblivious to your own abnormal behavior because this is  normal for you. However, the way you affect others is a totally  different story, and how they see you is very different from how you  see yourself. Below are five common personality disorders. Read about  them and see if your specific behavior fits into any of them.      Paranoid                People  with paranoid personality disorder are suspicious of other people,  thinking that others are out to harm them. Emotionally detached yet  potentially hostile, their excessive self-trust stems from an  excessive inferiority complex.  They can not see themselves as  culpable for any wrongdoing either to themselves or others. Thus,  they lay the blame on other people.      Schizoid    Individuals  riddled with schizoid personality disorder are often perceived as  unemotional. They are inclined to stay away from relationships.  Oftentimes, they would not exhibit a need for attention or social  acceptance. Moreover, they always want to be alone and have very poor  social skills.         Antisocial    People  with antisocial personality disorder are susceptible to committing  criminal offenses since they are naturally selfish and lacking in  conscience. They have an innate belief that their victims are frail  and deserve to be treated badly. Aggressive by nature, they are  commonly prone to telling lies and stealing. Aside from these, they  also behave recklessly with little or no regard for any possible  consequence.         Histrionic    Persons  with histrionic personality disorder perennially crave attention and  want to be praised all the time. They would have a natural tendency  to want to be the focus of attention. Oftentimes, they would try to  dominate conversations by butting in while others are talking. Also,  they are susceptible to dressing seductively and magnifying the  gravity of their ailments just to get people's attention. They are  prone to exaggerating relationships, thinking that they are loved by  everyone. They are also manipulative.         Borderline    People  riddled with borderline personality disorder are easily angered, and  they have a weak self-perception. They also experience extreme mood  swings and are prone to episodes of such anger to the point of being  violent. However, they would often take their anger upon themselves,  and as a result, they resort to hurting themselves physically.
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