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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Desire to Think and Grow Rich

By: Ralston Heath


In the book Think and Grow Rich, one of the parts of the secret is desire. One must have desire before any other effects will come into being. This may seem like a foreign concept to you but keep reading and you will soon understand.

There are many parts needed to be able to think and grow rich, and one of the first pieces of the puzzle is the desire. Desire is wanting, craving, yearning, aspiration, wishing for, and longing. Understand that desire is the force that causes people to take action. Without action, nothing happens. Therefore, you must decide what you desire.

Once you have determined what your desire is, you can then proceed to think and grow rich. Let us examine that a little farther. If you do not have a desire then you do not have a reason to do something. For example if you are hungry and do not have a food in mind you will remain hungry. However, if you are hungry and your desire is a cheeseburger, then you will seek a way of getting a cheeseburger to satisfy your desire. You may buy it from a restaurant, make it yourself from your freezer, or any combination conceivable but you will have your cheeseburger. Thus satisfying your hunger.

The same principle applies to all areas of your life. The desire to accomplish something is one of the keys to your ability to think and grow rich. If you desire something, you will find a way to acquire it. This is a concept in the theory to thinking that results in your achieving your desire.

When you desire, you think, and you discover ways and means to actualize your desire. This is think and grow rich. Think about a desire, then think of ways to obtain that desire, and then act on those thoughts to achieve the result and grow rich from causing your desire to be met. As you might have figured out, the growing rich part is the achievement of your desire. There are other pieces to the formula for think and grow rich, but desire is the one that seriously gets things moving.

Ask yourself what it is that you desire, find out from inside your being your desires. Write them down so you can see them. Now if it is as simple as your supper you may not need to write it down, but if it is a loftier ambition then you should put it on paper so you can remember what it is that you are striving for. There will be days that you will be tried and tested. Having your desire on paper where you can look at it and be reminded what is waiting for you will keep you from making hasty decisions, as well as giving your life some focus. For it is what you desire that makes your life happy, your life is yours to live, and so you must.

Be Blessed.

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