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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Build Self Confidence in Children

By: Jack Morgan


Why we need to build self confidence Just look at the words of Thoreau "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." It means if we want to meet success as we dream then we must need to build self confidence.

When you build self confidence in your child you must know that, "Self-confidence is a collection of positive beliefs and feelings that your child has about him or herself." According to this definition it includes following characteristics when the goal is to build self confidence in children.

First of all he/she has need to belief that he/she has valuable, unique characteristics then

The child has full potential to carry out the expectations and he/she will be accepted and appreciated by others. Third thing that he/she needs to include the optimistic feelings about his/her own abilities.

Further more we also know that how important to build self confidence in your child from childhood. Self confidence provides children with protection to face life’s challenges. It gives children self assurance to try new things. Self confidence provides ability to keep trying when facing any obstacles.

When you are building self confidence in child remember that it is also important to enhance skills to interact with others, and create ability to deal with unexpected difficulties in the life. Next thing which we are going to discuss is how to build self confidence when the time is right.

How to build self confidence in child

To build self confidence in your child you need to tell following things to your child.

I am proud of you my son.

You really worked hard baby.

Don’t worry girl we all makes mistakes.

Thanks for helping

I think you can be trusted to handle this!

Some other common day word or phrases like, Super work! You are right. I love you daughter. I have faith on you and thanks for being honest. You see that these few little words of appreciation make a lot of difference in their lives and will build self confidence.

You also need to give value to your children that they deserve. Accept them what they are. To build more self confidence we need to accept whatever children has done right, We shall provide them with great compliment and encouragement to continue their success. This thing will build up their self confidence and open the door of world of goods.

But in the process of building self confidence keep disciplined your child when they are wrong. Implementing discipline can helps children to choose appropriate behaviors and developed self-control, this increase discipline which provides children the skills to self-regulate their behavior and feel competent in social situations.

In the context how to build self confidence in your children it is important that "whenever your child has done something inappropriate give him advice with yelling." Remind him that they are in the process of learning, and that every mistake they make will create a value for learning a new thing. You need to be patient and give your child the time and space they need. In the mean time let your child to learn from their mistakes. Whenever they need help you must provide them this thing tells the child that how important he has for you. Be proud if they have achieved their goal despite that the importance of achievement this thing built self confidence in your child.

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