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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Build Self-Confidence Just Being Yourself

By Vik Sharma


If there is something that you can learn today which will be of benefit to you for the rest of your life, it's how to build self confidence. Every one who is alive needs to know how to interact with the world with confidence. Without it, many things will go wrong. Self confidence makes many things that would otherwise go wrong work out. Your career, your dating and love life, your social life and many other aspects are affected deeply by how confident you are.

You may be a very talented person, but if you don't know how to build your self confidence, your talents will stay hidden from the world and you will never get to benefit from them.

For this reason, let's look at a simple strategy that will help you learn how to build self-confidence. I qualify each article I write by telling you that I can only make highlights of what you need to do and learn; you need to build your knowledge by learning even more from the tips given here. This simple philosophy was used thousands of years ago by the Greeks, and it worked for them. They went on to become one of the world's leading civilizations.

Know yourself

Who are you? Can you build or change a person you do not know? It's highly unlikely. A lot of the time, poor self esteem comes from the weight of other people's opinions on who you are. Exterior circumstances, that in most times don't hold any weight, hold you back. You must turn off these voices from the outside and start listening to YOU. Here is one tip I will give you that you must carry with you always: the voice in YOU will never speak so long as it hears the outer voices speaking. You need to close your ears to the outer voices so that you can hear who you really are.

Start to write down who you think you are, because when you write, your voice is strong and your thinking is clear. Make a list of all your positive attributes, and make sure they include those that you have been told as well as those that you know in yourself that you possess.

Self discovery is a process. Even the greatest masters who have lived for many years will tell you that in their later years, self discovery continued. Self discovery does not mean changing who you are, rather improving who you are. You have your inherent nature, and each one of us is born good. You are working to bring the brilliance and goodness in you out.

Start to learn also how your body works. You get to develop a deeper appreciation of who you are. You learn how to work best with what you have, and how to fix things when they go wrong. You will also, more importantly, learn to appreciate yourself with a sense of wonder and awe.

Control Yourself

All self confidence comes from how to control your focus and your thoughts with inner dialogue. This requires deliberate learning over a period of time - that's why the masters will tell you that learning never stops; they are continually learning new and better ways to control their thoughts.

The mind is a muscle and the more you work it, the more you grow it. Learning to get your mind to focus on positive dialogue will take time, but for each action that you take, you have exercised your mind and its getting better. In today's world, there seems to be a view that self control comes with a loss of freedom. That's not true at all. You will never experience true freedom until the day you learn some level of self control. It helps you to detach from outcomes and also to know that it's in your power to change things that affect your life. It also allows you to tell those you can change from those that you can't.

This helps you learn how to build self confidence because you know how to act and when to act.

Give others what you have found

You are getting to know yourself and you are starting to build self control. You want to use your new found knowledge and enlightenment to help others - this is a feeling that comes naturally. It's because you feel the need for a contribution, the need to introduce others to this great new knowledge that you have found. This means that you are on the right track. If you think about most people who lack self confidence, they will hardly ever share any kind of knowledge that they have because they never feel its good enough.

Self confidence helps you to appreciate yourself and stop to be afraid of rejection. Some people will take what you have to say and others won't; it's not really up to you. You have done what you were supposed to do and shared what you learnt.

Practice these three steps in such a way that each time you have at least one of them going. Build self confidence by making it a habit to get to know yourself better, to rein in your thoughts and then to constantly share with others your new lessons in life.

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