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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stress Symptoms - How it helps you?

 By: Janice Smith


Today you are more stressed than ever before. There has never been a greater time in U.S. history other than the Great Depression that millions of people feel as though they are going to explode.chronic stressThe coming explosion is something that needs to be addressed. The amount of workplace violence with workers deciding to come in to work and shoot up the place and kill everyone that "wronged" them is to prevalent.

Stress if it is purely stress should not make you buy an AK 47 assault rifle along with various other weapons and take the life of another human being. But people do. The amount of stress they are under may be what triggers them to do this dastardly deed.

Today you have a very rich variety of products to select from. Any price range can be met either online or offline for that matter. Wit shipping right to your door, you could make a substantial savings by purchasing online and not at the local Wall Mart. stress treatmentDid you know that a persons diet can contribute to their ability to handle stress? Also, the amount of sleep they get nightly. This can also have a dramatic impact on your ability to get your job done during the day and rest well at night.

Aromatherapy, includes products in a lotion, soap and oil format. These products also may be available in your are as an herbal product. De-stressing with these products is as easy as lighting a candle or slathering on some oil and taking deep breathes.

Sounds inviting doesn't it?stress symptomsYou do not have to run out and get into a bunch of debt by going on some Jamaican Cruise in order to de-stress. You could also reduce your stress by playing online or offline games. Everyone knows that gaming is all the rage now. You should out those de-stressing games that enable you to get a way from your problems or stress. Perhaps its just from working on a project at work. You should take frequent breaks. One super tip that is so helpful is to work for say, 30 minutes and then take a ten minute break. This idea of frequent breaks will allows you to be rejuvenated and have more energy to complete your task. But the real benefit comes from having taking the breaks and you'll find that your output is more than if you would have kept working.

Give it a try toady and let me know how it works for you.

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